I am not aware of a voice that women have in most evangelical churches, or most established churches. Same problem in most organized churches.

Where women are not in the church leadership, they have no voice. When they are testifying, witnessing, a god is speaking through them; they are not speaking. Where they are in divergence from the letter of particular (and even particular translations -- nota bene the very particular stances on translation in many fundamentalist churches and in the Catholic church) sacred texts, they are as individuals in error. As women, they are in error, and being punished for it, in many religions based on the bible.

Very few women, as ministers, rabbis, priests, have the permission or power (if you will) to interpret texts or practice exegesis. Women have no identity in most conservative Christian religions, or they have an identity only in relation to men. In many religions, women are "other" to god; since they do not share gods' gender or lack thereof, they cannot represent him.

Amazing how god is rarely as other as women are.
I tried to bring this out in the Heresy section of DaDaDa -- the writing *around* writing and speaking and identity is a subject and I hope object.


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