what I am working on more:

a top secret project I may send to anon

a thing called Unique Hawaii I'm writing from old mimeos with an eye towards Tinfish eBooks; it's got a little Chris Piuma Saskatchewan influence

"something for a gargoyle" -- probably a swath of OOD: Object Oriented Design, the sequel to DaDaDa that's essentially finished but I'm still tweaking and adding to,

especially since it ends "she's a series" it could re-begin with this Inanna poem as Inanna is about singularity

Catherine ANNE Daly

though the Inanna poem might be the first poem in the third volume of the confiteor trilogy, right now the working title is the title of one of the sections, ALL THE ANGELS AND SAINTS

looks like great swaths of OOD are going to come out or have come out as chapbooks

as you may know (did I post it), I generally didn't do the chapbook thing the long years I didn't have a book out, I did e-chapbooks, lots of online publication (starting about ten years ago -- still YEARS after I finished my degree), and a lot of chapbook-like printed ephemera for readings.

something for Tamafir Mountain Press that's not experimental

like the Hawaii poem, I have a fun Australia poem that is sort of cento-like, from John Tranter's Penguin Australian Poetry anthology

a whole ms! now that the paper-craft / school book poems have become two ms. long (one currently probably being rejected from Ugly Duckling, one probably currently being rejected from futurepoem), a new ms is called TO DELITE AND INSTRUCT

reviews: Alice Duer Miller, Matthea Harvey, Lisa Lubasch (assigned)

not assigned -- gosh I am way behind on finishing up my book of reviews. At least I have about 150 pages now; I'm about halfway there. -- loads

I am mailing out course adoptions stuff to new media, women's studies, and poetry, as I have *three* course adoptions and I love them!!! and

I am mailing out galleys of LOCKET, which is coming out in a few weeks, albeit without my BAD FRENCH poems, which

I still need to rewrite Locket in bad franch, la langue d'amore, la langue d'oc and la langue ... the other one

and Italian, the language of oil (south) and the language of butter (north)...

portugese and spanish.

I am also working on an ms. called Les Grandes Horizontales (you guessed it, courtesans from three or four different eras and the "new sentence" thrown up for grabs) that I may send to BlazeVox. An ms. called HEAVY ROTATION that rewrites rock lyrics more directly (still working on the metal and power pop sections). Two novel ideas, one rather predictably entitled Miss Narrative written using a seeding process and lives of female artists and three different eras of women's fiction. Oh and that creative nonfiction, Big Fish Little Fish. Slowly chipping away on that since the early 90s.


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