Part of the problem I have with the social services and "moral" initiatives of the current executive branch as well as the Republican-led Judicial and Legislative branches is that the policies are anti-female.

For example, if social security is gutted by people mis-investing their incredibly modest "trust fund," unfortunately mostly women are affected, since women live longer as elderly, retired people than men.

We can look closely at the case of widow x, who because she retired at the same time as her deceased husband, has a smaller pension. Because her husband was no savvy investor, she's already cash poor -- he lost everything possible to lose in the market before his costly final illness. At least if her estranged children (of a previous marriage) don't pull through for her, she has social security. But if her deceased husband invested that money poorly, too, in a fishing business, well, where is the cord wood for her wood stove coming from? The truth is that in marriage, money isn't separate, and retirement savings is mostly for women.


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