Thanks for the mail Catherine. I'm glad you're also looking at this stuff.
The big question now seems to be: how are people who get this information
off the internet going to share it with people who don't use the net
regularly, in a way that is non-threatening, sober, and (hopefully)
convincing. Any ideas/opinions on that?
I think we're going to do a little "Artists Inspired by Voting Fraud" thing
at the end of this month at the smell, which you are of course invited to
read at. Should it be "Artists Against Voter Fraud"? "Inspired" seemed
like a more exciting word, perhaps. I sense you're a little tired of the
smell, so I'm not leaning on you to come, but I thought it could mix some
reading of poetry and other texts about this situation, or even based on
voter statistics and other info, with a little bit of "teach in" type stuff.
Hopefully I can find some really knowledgeable activists or better yet
professionals in the area of polling or statistics to do the teach-in part.
Any input you have would be appreciated. Thanks for what you are doing.
It's very important to stand up for the American electoral nation. If the
electoral process breaks down, I think we would soon find ourselves in a
second-rate mis-governed nation.


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