I have to admit, at first I thought "Hey cheap historic and in town. I bet it's pretty." To my mind, I am not really interested in the neighborhood. One of the major strikes against nicer but more expensive houses in different, but nearby neighborhoods we have considered recently was not freeway proximity (althouth this is only abt 50 feet further from the freeway than the foursquare on the assessor map) but David Kidd's souring on the whole neighborhood coupled with Paul's assessment that housing values are likely to fall further there than elsewhere. This house is in David's neighborhood although it is in the HPOZ and it is not so very near a package store or apartments. It backs up on an auto lot on Washingon and it is going too fast for me to see? Agrh. I am very frustrated.
It is not in Kenney Heights, Lafayette Square, Victoria Circle, or Country Club. Yet, those neighborhoods we can't afford. But, as you know, I have a more optimistic view of your future earning potential than you do.


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