List of female poets in this collection:

Elizabeth Thomas, name far too common to look up quickly online

Lydia Gibson, also a visual artist, correspondant w/ imprison leftist writers

Helen Hoyt, she's been "on my list" for a while, but published books after 1922; individual poems online published in journals before then

Rain at Night

Ellis Park

Muna Lee

SELECTED POEMS Forthcoming!!!

Elizabeth Colwell, seems to be primarily a visual artist

Margaretta Schuyler, obviously not the Margaretta Schuyler from the 1600's, although seems to be related to this founding family of New York (why else name a Schuyler "Margaretta"?)

Winifred Welles, more at Bartleby from public domain anthologies

Second Growth

Esther A. Whitmarsh

Gwendolen Haste, another book from the Ahsahta!!! (when I came to Genevieve Taggard, I found that Taggard's selected (chapbook-length, alas) was published by Ahsahta Press -- blogger extra-ordinary, Janet Holmes, is now Director of that press --

Laura Benet
worked in a settlement house, and it looks like her Fair Bred (poems), 1921, is fair game! Sister of the other Benets, looks like lifetime freelance author: lots of nonfiction, bios, children's lit.

Eunice Tietjens, the very well known; her Chinese prose poems are very interesting
Babette Deutsch, of poetocs books fame, another "woman supporting herself by her pen" style author of a bit of everything

Florence Ripley Mastin, what's interesting is she has movies and telephone poems, years before Frank O'Hara;

Out of the dark cup
Your voice broke like a flower.
It trembled, swaying on its taut stem.
The caress in its touch
Made my eyes close.

.....From the Telephone by Florence Ripley Mastin

you can see the old-phone earpiece, can't you?

my fave Hazel Hall, cripple confined to an atic up the stairs by her idiot family, had a huge crush on Vachel Lindsay

Marjorie Allen Seiffert, another great modernist poetess

Ruth Pickering

Marya Zaturensky, better known as a fine arts historian and anthologist

mentioned on this Marguerite Young site:


Louise Bogan

Annette Wynne
wrote a lot of children's poetry as well


Marguerite Wilkinson\Elsa Gidlow
Judith Tractman
Jean Starr Untermeyer
Miriam Allen de Ford
Leonie Adams
Evelyn Scott, of course
Sarah Hammond Kelly

Mary Carolyn Davies -- I have one of her books to scan & upload, she also wrote with her daughter -- who recently died, I think? but was an eminent social scientist at SDSU

Sarah N. Cleghorn

Anne Herendeen
Gladys Oaks
Bernice Lesbia Kenyon
Sara Bard Field
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Anna Wickham
Amy Lowell

Alice Duer Miller! see the forthcoming HOW2 section on her! member of the Algonquin Round Table, best-selling poet (no lie!), screenwriter

Alice Mary Kimball
Anne Higgins
Miriam Vedder
Eve Lott
Freda Kirchwey
Mary Field
Elinor Wylie
Florence Tanenbaum
Rose Pastor Stokes
Lizinka Campbell Turner

finished this up -- headed to cook dinner --
MAY DAYS, an anthology edited by Genevieve Taggard, who was poetry editor of THE MASSES

Taggard is the focus of a special section of HOW2 edited by my friend Julia Lisella; I participated in that section by reviewing Taggard's early work

This anthology Taggard edited not with an eye towards "quality" but towards "representation" of the poetry in THE MASSES
-- a portrait of "the age" albeit one sided (only THE MASSES), one which democratically invites the reader to participate in by adding the reader's own verse or own selection (frommemory, from back issues):

"Although much fine poetry was published in THE MASSES-LIBERATOR, I have not tried to restrict this anthology to verse of conspicuous poetic merit. ... I have tried to preserve everything that gave the flavor of those days. Blank pages at the back of the book are provided for the reader who wishes to supplement this selection..."