reading and performing in a new multimedia series
at the smell

6 pm – 9 pm, Sunday, May 30, 2004

Stan Apps, poet, member of the unnamed chapbook collective David Stromberg, author, publisher of Jovian Books, with projections of
his graphic art & text
Rasmus Jørgensen, Norwegian Sound Poet


the smell
247 south main
(across from St. Vibiana)
los angeles, ca

(the smell is next to the building that used to be a Japanese movie theatre. enter off the alley in the back)


A blog I was reading a week or so ago had notes for reviews that the blogger was in the process of writing. This morning, I am a bit past deadline on a review of Elizabeth Willis' TURNERESQUE

Some links on referentiality I looked up





a great review also excerpted on Burning Deck's site

Met Lynnell for the first time at AWP; hopefully we'll meet up again at her reading here, and my NEXT reading in Portland!

Sunday June 13, 2pm

The Ruskin Art Club
corner of 8th & Plymouth
1 block of Wilshire
800 S. Plymouth Blvd.
LA 90005

More info: 818-831-0649

Laurel Ann Bogen & Lynnell Edwards

Laurel Ann Bogen is the author of ten books of poetry and short fiction.
The recipient of the Curtis Zahn Poetry Prize from the Pacificus Foundation and two awards from the Academy of American Poets, her work has a appeared in over 100 literary magazines and anthologies. Her newest book is Washing a Language.

Lynnell Edwards, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of English and the Director of the Writing Center and the Writing Across Curriculum programs at Concordia University. Her poems have been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies including Hubbub and Sam Hamill's Poets Against the War anthology. Edwards is a regular reviewer for Rain Taxi. Edwards' first collection of poetry is The Farmer's Daughter.

Admission: $10/$5 Seniors & students
A Free food and drinks reception follows
Books for sale.
Seating is limited and on a first come basis


Link to Alan Sondheim's "omnibus capsule" including mention of my book:


Look for a Boog reader coming out this fall with a full Sondheim review!


Writers & Teachers Series, Barnes & Noble Glendale

Co-curated by Catherine Daly and Margaret Wang, featuring local poetry
teachers reading with and introducing their students.

This month’s reading: Poet and CSUN Professor, Joseph Thomas, with students, Hazel D. Sonanes, Karina Souto, & Brad Torti.

Tuesday, May 25th, 7:30pm
Barnes & Noble Glendale
245 N. Glendale Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91206
from AWP

Web Communities

approach through the idea of gift economy while the econonomics of the internet, while not completely institutional, are not outside institutions

online teaching

making poetry and teaching materials available online

webster for WOMPO

meeting students, making a place for them

listserv, blog

On the earlier reviewing panel we discussed the gift economy of literature, of the necessity of approaching literature in different ways -- pleasure, analysis, teaching, performance, publishing -- so that there is a community

I worked my way through writing school in desktop publishing. After I graduated, in order to be able to teach, I developed software end user training curricula, training games, and early intranet sites for teaching materials. I became the manager and lead developer for giant intranets and internet-based business applications and paid off my writing school loans.

I was also an AOL poetry tutor -- Janet Holmes at Boise State / Ahsahta Press was a CompuServe poetry tutor at about the same time --

I created the first online poetry workshop for the UCLA Exntesion Writers' Program. I still teach mostly online & of course try to develop my courses -- I decided that all or most of the materials of an online course should be available online, and that the seven learning styles should be accomodated as much as possible in this reading and writing intensive environment, and those decisions led to my project of scanning and uploading modernist poetry in the public domain that is not already online.

But, as poets do, I was ultimately trying to create a space for my own writing.
from AWP (finally)

Reviewing Reviewing

I'm something of a reviewing evangelist -- I have a fervent passion, a tightly grasped conviction that every writer MUST write reviews, criticism, and, yeah, even theory -- but, I have assembled my more accomplished and even tempered compatriots here for you. This is a roundtable of a panel. Each writer and "reviewing professional" will introduce herself or humself after I do, i.e., answer the question "why I'm here," and then, round-robin, everyone will say something pithy yet rabble rousing about writing reviews, editing and publishing reviews, and teaching reviewing.

You may know Rochelle Ratner, poet, novelist, short story writer, critic, and editor of American Book Review -- my reverence for this publication was shaped by a mysteriously long period -- 10 years in my estimation -- during which my reviewing friends told me I should review for ABR. My former neighbor, though we didn't know it at the time -- Rochelle Ratner is executive editor of ABR. She's edited and written for them since 1978. She's also written for Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and National Book Critics Circle --

Timothy, when did you graduate from Columbia? We never met. So I started reading The Boston Review -- & obviously have never figured out how to submit poems -- and then, I think it was my friend Therese Bachand who said to me, "I'm writing a capsule review of Thalia Field's book for The Boston Review...." Timothy Donnelley has been poetry editor and reviews editor of The Boston Review since 1995. He's also a PhD candidate at Princeton University, fellow Columbia MFA, and author of 27 Props for a Production of Eine Leibenzeit.

Janet Holmes is Director of the MFA program at Boise State as well as Director of Ahsahta Press. She's reviewed for Hungry Mind Review and ForeWord magazine as well as Crania Magazine online.

Eric Lorberer is editor of RainTaxi Review of Books, an independent review entering its ninth year of publication, as well as a poet.

Harriet Zinnes is Professor Emerita at Queens College of CUNY and contributing editor of denver Quarterly and the Hollins Critic. She's author of Drawing on the Wall, signing on SAturday at the Marsh Hawk Press booth, as well as the forthcoming book of review essays, Meaning Extended.


Los Angeles, CA's Writers & Teachers Series are back after their April hiatus. First up, TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 18, 2004, is Todd Baron (new book TV EYE, Chax Press, 2004) reading with four former students from the Crossroads School:

Amanda Moret
William Greene
Anna Ayeroff
Maxim Ludwig

as usual, this fine event is at


at Barnes & Noble Westwood, and there are FREE BROWNIES (& free parking).

10850 West Pico Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90064
(corner of Westwood & Pico in the Westside Pavilion Mall)

This event, marking the last day of school for the three seniors who read (but alas, not for the Sophomore), was a smashingly successful revision in format, where after Todd Baron read a bit about teaching from bell hooks, together with the students seated around a table with shared mikes, took turns reading two or three pieces and then reading a piece by the next reader. A most pleasant reading; really good writing.