at rummage sale met many neighbors we should have met earlier, and some cool people, including the SURPRISE TRUCK label owner, Matt, who invited us to the murdocks / grounded punk show at hard rock cafe universal city


Matt's girlfriend bought some pants of mine with orange ball fringe, so I gave her an orange silk skirt lined with hot pink silk and embroidered with bright colors / rhinestones -- a skirt I wore to my first poetry reading in San Francisco -- with Andrew Maxwell on my 33rd birthday / super bowl sunday that year

went to the neighborhood association extravaganza at nate holden performing arts center near new house after finally removing last items from house and repainting in an effort to recover security deposit of $2500+ -- mixing primer with pain DOES work if you NEED congealed paint to cover a number of faults --

skipped the friends of the library meeting tonight -- too tired -- tried to configure the new network / wireless today -- MY computers are working fine, printers will be networked too! -- but looks like RON needs a new modem
Dear Catherine,

You're on line:




Happy move,

All best,


garage sale

5554 west 9th street at the corner of Dunsmuir
Miracle Mile, Los Angeles

coffee tables
art / prints
giant clown pinata
glassware / dishware

Sunday February 27, 9-5