Gary Sullivan's got this on his site:

Reading between the lines: Please don't publish chapbooks, because they don't sell. Or at any rate, don't bother sending them to us. We can't sell them, and we'll charge you for warehousing them.

Here is more from the same SPD e-mail: "The options are to donate one or more of the books to SPD (that allows them to continue to be for sale [Gary's note: "for sale"? you mean you'll actually make them visible in that case?]), to withdraw them and end the relationship, to find another SPD publisher to take on the book or books that you want to continue with us."

In other words: Please pay us the annual fee (which you can't afford), or publish two perfectbound books a year (which only the independently wealthy can afford, or those publishing books with an eye to the academic market), or give the books to us (e.g., cease being a publisher) or give them to another publisher (e.g., lose your autonomy), or end the relationship (e.g., give up any hope of distributing anything you ever publish in the future).

SPD can't sell chapbooks not only because bookstores won't carry them (some do, actually), but because no college courses ever seem to use them, either.

There is simply no distribution mechanism for chapbooks beyond sending them out to people or handing them to people. Which is fine. But, as a publisher, it's probably a good idea to know that in advance.

Note this -- Gary's reading of SPD -- is almost exactly how I feel about chaps -- publish them to give them away, sell them at readings. Don't claim they're books -- they're NOT -- and don't expect to sell them at bookshops, except zine stores & specialty places, don't expect them to be assigned to classes, etc. -- i.e. to be treated as long, serious works of art, because they're not, because bookshops don't stock them, and people buy them mostly at readings, etc.

A chapbook is mostly a vanity or learning excerise, like producing most printed ephemera. The large exception is fine letterpress, but note that no one is buying this stuff at your average bookstore, either.
Anthony Lee, KPFK, 90.7 (Los Angles), 2 pm PDST

On the radio today at 2:00 p.m. with a few of his students to talk about Malcolm X. Today is his birthday, and this year is the 40th anniversary of his assassination.


(Organic) machinery

There is all sorts of machinery that contains carbon.

Googling organic:

Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.

‘Organic’ is a label that denotes products produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act. The principal guidelines for organic production are to use materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems and that integrate the parts of the farming system into an ecological whole.

Organic agriculture practices cannot ensure that products are completely free of residues; however, methods are used to minimize pollution from air, soil and water.

I should jack in some of the economics terms I’m learning / trying to write a poem with. Er, IS Curve.

Or, for your production management system, would you have a web-based query result screen? With answers? Excerpted how? Links to results? One of my specialties in multi-database Notes apps I developed before very many people knew how to program this feature across Notes databases.

A line in geometry has two sides, but never meets its parallels, its peers. A line in poetry has at least four sides.

A very small object - its center.

I can’t help but think of the tiny cube sculpture in the Minimalism exhibit at LACMA. Its center being a point, ah, and herein lies the problem with reading the obliquity in alpha order.

Abandon desire

What the fuck for? Just kidding. Mystics are continually, it seems, asking themselves to abandon desire, when they’re really redirecting it wholeheartedly to a single goal, a sort of inwardly-focused desire, a desire for the goal so fierce the goal is reached, delivering a cessation of desire, perhaps. Or, as St. John of the Cross might write (in translation), one in love and longing goes forth disguised – perhaps as a figure that represents her longing, or as one who would more readily achieve the object of desire – but this disguise is representational

I want all the self conscious girls who try to hide who they are with makeup
Louis XIV, “Finding Out True Love is Blind”

Abandon normal instructions

well, but what about that night-eating syndrome? abnormal instructions (organic ones, not mechanical ones) obsessively followed?

Abandon normal instruments

Is google normal?

What are instructions. If only I could use google or dictionary.com. What are normal instructions? Things that make something work? So I am not lineating this because it might be a poem and a normal instruction for a poem or part of a definition for a poem might be that it is lineated. In this way abandoning the card-by-card rubric is good. Abandon that. With abandon, issue normal instructions, such as read the instructions thoroughly and carefully before you begin, so you don’t select all synonyms in the antonym portion of the standardized test, or so you assemble your IKEA furniture correctly. Another instruction for poems are those exercises. This card thing I’m using as an instruction. And let’s face it, if I’m not typing, I’m not really writing. I’ve got pages and pages that never see the light because they are on PAPER. What else is an instrument? How does it differ from a tool? How does it differ from a strategy, a process, a princess, a pea?

Accept advice

female mentoring in the corporate workplace is often not working; my own experience is like that of the older women listed in the article as mentors; the mentees are breeder women who are downwardly mobile urban republicans, no they are breeders who are earthly crunchy granola girls who would rather be barefoot and pregnant than have a decent career, no but the mentoring isn’t working because what you have to do to get the type of great corporate job – as a woman – isn’t anything many women want to do, and there aren’t many options – there’s not very much wiggle room – there is a lot more wiggle room in art, say, poetry, but even there, a lot of women reach a goal and then realize pursuing the next one further involves making a sacrifice of the way they’d defined the woman’s role, or defined their own goals or defined their own lives – they too don’t like to accept advice, but rather seek to be buttressed in their decisions – I haven’t made many good decisions being “backed up” by what I already feel by others, but then I am unusual in that I tend to feel things that other women don’t allow themselves to feel or want to feel or get reinforced feeling

more pedicures, manicures – that’s the type of advice I get but right now I feel we desperately need some lighting installed in the kitchen that my husband doesn’t feel we desperately need installed, so where does that leave me? not spending the same money on a spa day as on electrical work, let me tell you


Adding on

The difference between accretion and adding on
do the oblique strategies work if you just read the .txt file?

(Organic) machinery (1-3)

A line has two sides (1-4)

A very small object
-Its centre (2)

Abandon desire (4)

Abandon normal instructions (4)

Abandon normal instruments (1-3)

Accept advice (1-4)

Accretion (1-3)

Adding on (4)

Allow an easement (an easement is the abandonment of a stricture) (1-3)

Always first steps (2,3)

Always first steps (3)

Always give yourself credit for having more than personality (given by Arto Lindsay) (2)

Always the first steps (4)

Are there sections? Consider transitions (1-3)

Ask people to work against their better judgement (1-4)

Ask your body (1-4)

Assemble some of the elements in a group and treat the group (3)

Assemble some of the instruments in a group and treat the group (1,2)

Balance the consistency principle with the inconsistency principle (1-3)

Be dirty (1-4)

Be extravagant (2-4)

Be less critical (4)

Be less critical more often (3)

Breathe more deeply (1-4)

-burn (1-4)

Cascades (1-3)

Change ambiguities to specifics (4)

Change instrument roles (1-3)

Change nothing and continue consistently (4)

Change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency (1-3)

Change specifics to ambiguities (4)

-singing (3)

Children's voices
-singing (1,2)

Cluster analysis (1-3)

Consider different fading systems (1-3)

Consider transitions (4)

Consult other sources
-unpromising (1-3)

Convert a melodic element into a rhythmic element (1,2)

Courage! (1-4)

Cut a vital connection (1-4)

Decorate, decorate (1-4)

Define an area as `safe' and use it as an anchor (1-3)

-the most important thing (1-3)

Destroy nothing; Destroy the most important thing (4)

Discard an axiom (1-4)

Disciplined self-indulgence (2-4)

Disconnect from desire (1-3)

Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them (1-3)

Discover your formulas and abandon them (4)

Display your talent (4)

Distort time (4)

Distorting time (1-3)

Do nothing for as long as possible (1-4)

Do something boring (1-4)

Do something sudden, destructive and unpredictable (4)

Do the last thing first (4)

Do the washing up (1,2)

Do the words need changing? (1-4)

Do we need holes? (1-3)

DonUt avoid what is easy (4)

Don't be afraid of things because they're easy to do (1-3)

Don't be frightened of cliches (1-3)

Don't be frightened to display your talents (1-3)

Don't break the silence (1-4)

Don't stress on thing more than another (sic) (2)

Don't stress one thing more than another (1,3,4)

Emphasize differences (1-4)

Emphasize repetitions (1-3)

Emphasize the flaws (1-4)

Faced with a choice, do both (from Dieter Rot) (4)

Faced with a choice, do both (given by Dieter Rot) (1,2)

Feed the recording back out of the medium (2)

Feedback recordings into an acoustic situation (1)

Fill every beat with something (1-3)

Find a safe part and use it as an anchor (4)

From nothing to more than nothing (3)

Get your neck massaged (1,2)

Ghost echoes (1-3)

Give the game away (1-4)

Give way to your worst impulse (1-4)

Go outside. Shut the door. (2-4)

Go slowly all the way round the outside (1-3)

Go to an extreme, come part way back (4)

Go to an extreme, move back to a more comfortable place (3)

Honor thy error as a hidden intention (1-3)

How would someone else do it? (4)

How would you have done it? (1-4)

Humanize something free of error (1-3)

Idiot glee (?) (2,3)

Imagine the music as a moving chain or caterpillar (1)

Imagine the music as a set of disconnected events (1)

Imagine the piece as a set of disconnected events (2,3)

In total darkness, or in a very large room, very quietly (2-4)

Infinitesimal gradations (1-3)

-credibility of
-nobility of
-humility of (1,2)

-nobility of
-humility of
-credibility of (3)

Into the impossible (1-3)

Is it finished? (1-4)

Is something missing? (4)

Is the intonation correct? (2,3)

Is the style right? (4)

Is the tuning appropriate? (1)

Is there something missing? (1-3)

It is quite possible (after all) (2,3)

It is simply a matter of work (4)

Just carry on (1-4)

Left channel, right channel, centre channel (1,2)

Listen in total darkness, or in a very large room, very quietly (1)

Listen to the quiet voice (1-4)

Look at a very small object, look at its centre (1)

Look at the order in which you do things (1-4)

Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify them (1-3)

Lost in useless territory (2,3)

Lowest common denominator (2,3)

Lowest common denominator check
-single beat
-single note
-single riff (1)

Magnify the most difficult details (4)

Make a blank valuable by putting it in an exquisite frame (1-3)

Make a sudden, destructive unpredictable action; incorporate (1-3)

Make an exhaustive list of everything you might do and do the last thing on the list (1-3)

Make it more sensual (4)

Make what's perfect more human (4)

Mechanicalize something idiosyncratic (1-3)

Move towards the unimportant (4)

Mute and continue (1-3)

Not building a wall but making a brick (2,3)

Not building a wall; making a brick (4)

Once the search has begun, something will be found (4)

Once the search is in progress, something will be found (3)

Only a part, not the whole (3,4)

Only one element of each kind (1-4)

Openly resist change (4)

Overtly resist change (1-3)

Put in earplugs (1,2)

Question the heroic (4)

Question the heroic approach (2,3)

Remember .those quiet evenings (1-3)

Remember quiet evenings (4)

Remove a restriction (4)

Remove ambiguities and convert to specifics (1-3)

Remove specifics and convert to ambiguities (1-3)

Repetition is a form of change (1-4)

Retrace your steps (3,4)

Revaluation (a warm feeling) (2,3)

Reverse (1-4)

Short circuit (example; a man eating peas with the idea that they will improve his virility shovels them straight into his lap) (1-3)

Shut the door and listen from outside (1)

Simple subtraction (1-4)

Simply a matter of work (2,3)

Slow preparation, fast execution (4)

Spectrum analysis (1,2)

State the problem as clearly as possible (4)

State the problem in words as clearly as possible (2,3)

Take a break (1-4)

Take away the elements in order of apparent non-importance (1-3)

Take away the important parts (4)

Tape your mouth (given by Ritva Saarikko) (1,2)

The inconsistency principle (1-4)

The most easily forgotten thing is the most important (4)

The most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten (2,3)

The tape is now the music (1-3)

- inside the work
-outside the work (4)

Think of the radio (1-3)

Tidy up (1-4)

Towards the insignificant (2,3)

Trust in the you of now (1-3)

Try faking it (from Stewart Brand) (4, diary 8/9)

Turn it upside down (1-4)

Twist the spine (1,2)

Use an old idea (1-4)

Use an unacceptable colour (1-3)

Use cliches (4)

Use fewer notes (1-3)

Use filters (1-4)

Use something nearby as a model (4)

Use your own ideas (4)

Use `unqualified' people (1-4)

Voice your suspicions (4)

Water (1-4)

What are the sections sections of? Imagine a caterpillar moving (2,3)

What context would look right? (4)

What is the reality of the situation? (1-3)

What is the simplest solution? (4)

What mistakes did you make last time? (1-4)

What to increase? What to reduce? What to maintain? (4)

What would your closest friend do? (1-4)

What wouldn't you do? (1-4)

When is it for? (4)

Where is the edge? (4)

Which parts can be grouped? (4)

Work at a different speed (1-4)

Would anybody want it? (3)

Would anyone want it? (4)

You are an engineer (1-3)

You can only make one dot at a time (1-3)

You don't have to be ashamed of using your own ideas (1-3)

Your mistake was a hidden intention (4)

[blank card] (1-4)

Steal a solution. (diary 7/22)

Describe the landscape in which this belongs. (diary 8/9)

What else is this like? (diary 8/9)

List the qualities it has.
List those you'd like. (diary 8/9)

Instead of changing the thing,
change the world around it. (diary 8/9)

What would make this really successful? (diary 8/9)

How would you explain this to your parents? (diary 8/9)

What were the branch points in the evolution of this entity? (diary 8/20)

Back up a few steps.
What else could you have done? (diary 8/20)

When is it for?
Who is it for? (diary 8/23)

What do you do? Now, what do you do best? (diary 8/27)

First work alone, then work in unusual pairs. (diary 9/8)

What most recently impressed you?
How is it similar?
What can you learn from it?
What could you take from it? (diary 9/10)

Take away as much mystery as possible. What is left? (diary 12/30)
great review of DaDaDa & Lockt by Garin Cycholl, someone who *knows Decatur*



Katha Pollitt post on WOMPO:

> >I would like to know where they come into
> > reproductive sexuality themselves. At this point, many women on this
> >list have shared very intimate details of their lives but we don't
> >know anything about you men. So please feel free to answer these
> > questions: Have you had a vasectomy? If not, why not? gotten a woman
> >pregnant accidentally? Persuaded a woman to let you put it in just
> >for a minute and then you'd take it right out? Have you always asked
> >your sexual partners what method of birth control they use, and what
> >its failure rate is, and have you ever not had sex because of the
> >answer? Can you name three common reasons why the Pill might fail
> >even if a woman takes it every day? Have you used condoms every
> >time, even if the woman is using bc? have you done any research into
> >which brands are most effective and do you know how effective that
> >is? Do you know how many pregnancies you have occasioned, and how do
> >you know you are correct? have you ever had sex while drunk or high?
> >with a woman who was drunk or high? Had sex with a prostitute? With
> >someone you never saw again? How much of your income/time goes
> >toward children -- your own, those of hardup relatives and friends,
> >the needy? Have you ever offered a pregnant woman whatever it would
> >take to make the difference between abortion and childbirth--a home,
> >money, childcare etc? would you marry a woman you got pregnant if
> >you didn't want to? What would you forgo that was important to you
> >to ensure the birth of your nonmarital child and its wellbeing
> >until adulthood? If you are living with a woman, who is the primary
> >caregiver of your children? If you answer that you yourself are,
> >would your partner agree? If you had a brief affair and the woman
> >got pregnant, what percentage of your income/time/ emotional
> >commitment would you feel you owed that child? As much as you owe
> >your marital children? if less, why? How much extra work would you
> >take on to provide for this child? What would you sacrifice--money,
> >opportunity, education,pleasure, leisure, sleep,sex, health,
> >happiness,future children ? Would it matter if you didn't like the
> >child's mother? If so, why? If you are divorced with children, how
> >much money/time do you spend on those children and their mother?
> >
> >
> > Every single women's list I've ever been on lets men on
> > eventually and some of the men are great, but there are always a
> > few who start throwing their weight around and pontificating and
> > setting the women straight. And the funny thing is, the more
> > hostile and sexist a man is on a women's list, the more attention he
> > gets.
> >
> > Katha