why is it important that the mini toy guitar cost $10? that it is from wal mart?

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Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 8:28 PM
Subject: Re: RADIO TAXI - call for sound works

call for sound works of any/all natures

to be collected on a single medium and broadcast in pedestrian space
as an autonomous sound !nstallation transmitted from dictaphone into
the 1/8" mic input of $10 mini toy guitar (wal-mart) and delivered to
public via attached megaphone

live site: VERSION>05 INVINCIBLE DESIRE festival (Chicago)--see below

in situ video to be made broadcast online
in situ sound to be submitted to tnwk & simon keep's RADIO TAXI--see below

please email sound files to justin.katko@gmail.com
or mail hard copies to justin katko / 201 e chestnut #311 / oxford, oh / 45056

deadline: march 30
please circulate as you see fit

thanks and cheers



I was afraid it would take off the frosted part? but also, it didn’t work on that Goodwill sticky stuff

I will try *more*

All best,
Catherine Daly

btw – have made several nail polish paintings – after Jack Spicer, but MY NAIL POLISH DID THIS TO ME – nail polish remover = acetone, thus acrylic paint = nail polish


My eBay items for sale:

Super+Unusual Five-Light Chandelier Vintage+Crystals

Classic five-light brass tone chandelier with original patina.

Classic? Super. Unusual. The metal ornamentation is herbiform: endive form with seaweed patterning...? And so, this fixture is a little bit gothic revival or louis xv revival. Something for the sophisticated on a budget or for designers or dealers to resell.

Is it antique? If so, it was rewired. It works. It is at least vintage -- more than 35 years old -- most likely from the late 30's or 40's, in my estimation.

It's fairly heavy -- this is a solid light fixture. 10 lbs. 22 inches across and 17 inches high (exclusive of chain).

45 crystal prisms (none missing, some replaced).

Missing ceiling canopy and collar. Four links of original patterned chain. Additional chain is a bit rusty.

Why am I getting rid of it? I just bought a larger one *here on eBay.*

Gilt Chandelier Dripping with Crystals-not too Shabby!!

Formal, gilded chandlier with five lights and loads of prisms.

Did you know that your chandelier should be about 12 inches less in diameter than a table? This Venetian or French-style chandelier is perfect for standard-sized tables and / or for rooms done in a fairly opulent and formal European style.

If it is antique, it was rewired a while ago. It is at least vintage -- more than 25 years old -- but it works well. Original gilding and patina. You know about the tacky chandeliers of a similar style that are "new to look old": this is the real thing.

There are more than 70 gems of varying sizes -- one one inch crystal with a bead (not a jewel) top is missing. The wax candle covers are offwhite and new. New frosted glass Satco bulbs. Original caopy (the part that meets the ceiling) has daisy-like scallopping.

Approximately 12 lbs., 26 inches high (not including chain) and 20 inches wide.

Why am I getting rid of it? It is too small for my vast dining room table.

8 Light Brass Colonial-Style Chandelier

Ten-year-old brass chandelier fixture with eight candle lights, Colonial style.

28 inches across, 18 inches high (chain and canopy can be adjusted for another 18 inches).

Eight bulbs, eight new white wax-drip candle covers.

Works great.

2 - Pair of Brass Colonial Style Sconces

Each of these traditional sconces has two candle-style lights. (A total of four!)

These are used but relatively recent (within a year or two of today) solid brass sconces. New Satco frosted glass bulbs.

They are Hampton Collection Wall Sconces retailing at about $75-$140. each.

2 - Pair of Wrought Iron Tudor Sconces

Each of these matching wrought iron sconces has a single wide-bottom flame shaped bulb.

No on-off switch on base -- use with wall switch or rewire.

Nice seeded glass shades. Sconces are 15 inches high including shades, 51/2 inches wide, and just out from the wall a tital of 7 inches.

Used but relatively recent (within a year or two of today) sconces.

Brass Victorian-Style Light Fixture

Ten-year-old brass ceiling fixture with glass dome, Victorian style.

13 inches across, 26 inches high (chain and canopy can be adjusted for another 3-12 inches).

Two bulbs. Works great, but brass has some pitting.

Single Brass Two Light Sconce, Colonial Style

Classic two-light brass sconce with original patina.

Classic? You can see from the graceful arms that this is not a new one.

One off white wax drip candle cover's a little melted. You can probably remelt to fix. New Satco frosted bulbs. Replacement bolt cover. No on-off switch -- wire to wall. Wiring is old but works (I obviously elected not to rewire -- wires are not cloth-covered).

It is at least vintage -- more than 35 years old.

It's about 2 lbs??? 16 inches across, 13 inches high, projects 7 inches from wall.

Flushmount Alabaster Glass Light, Antiqued Bronze

Brand new (but not in box) flushmount ceiling fixture.

Finish is a rusty bronze antiquing; pattern is a distressed grecian carving of some sort. Glass is alabaster glass (note: it is not alabaster, it is glass, but it is alabaster-finish glass).

Approximately 14 inches in diameter, comes down about 8 inches from the ceiling overall.

Retro Gold Leaves Glass Set: 5 Pilsners and Snack Tray

Fabulous set of retro/vintage glassware and a snack tray (with inset for dip or olive pits).

The pattern is in two gold tones, of autumn leaves on frosted glass. The edges and glass bases are clear glass. This is not signed glassware.

Did you know Chinese glassware is sold in sets of five, because five is the lucky family number? Anyway, there are five pilsner-size glasses. We use them for champagne cocktails rather than for beer. There is a little bit of gold loss on the rim of the glasses. No chips, no scratches, no other damage.

The tray is about 12 inches square.

Retro Gold and Silver: 5 Glasses Signed @Culver

Fabulous set of retro/vintage glassware.

The pattern is in gold (matte and shiny) and silver (matte and shiny) bands on frosted glass. The pattern / glasses are signed "Culver."

Did you know Chinese glassware is sold in sets of five, because five is the lucky family number? Anyway, there are five iced tea size glasses. There is some gold loss and I was unable to remove some of the price tag sticky stuff -- perhaps you're better at that than I am.
Link to DWP site to get seven free trees in LA:

As *everyone knows,* LA needs more trees. For example, many original trees were cut down because some idiots didn't like leaves getting on their cars. Boo.