link to Steve Miles at NCF
whose mew music new college is amazing, and leads to many of the students' interests in poetry, I think; I was part of new college new writing!

David Rohrbacher was across the hall and gave me some Catullus and Tibullus help

and I moderated an interesting panel at the medieval conference


Not all flights have been scheduled yet, but we have a couple of real rockets on the launch pad for you in June!

June 1 Chris Tysh, Franco-American poet / playwright / translator
June 8 TBA
June 15 Keith Niles, of Little Joy Open Mic/Atomic Mic at the Silverlake Lounge fame
June 22 TBA
June 29 TBA

Visit www.redondopoets.com for links about the poets and samples of their work, plus schedule updates, directions, and FAQ about the reading.

The Redondo Poets reading takes place Tuesdays at Coffee Cartel, 1820 S. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach (310-316-6554). The reading starts at 8:10 PM and is free. Open mic before and after the feature. For more info: info@redondopoets.com or 310-548-5344. Live webcast, 7:30 - 10:30 at www.blogtv.com/peopel/diogenesclub.

Your hosts,

Jim Doane & Larry Colker & Stephany Prodromides


Writers often have that one moment where they finally knew they’d “made it” — a story in the New Yorker, for instance, a poem in the Paris Review, or their first published book. What’s yours?

Why does poetry persist?

How do you know a poem is finished?

Choose one other poet. What’s one quality of their poetry you wish was in yours?

Is there such a thing as the perfect poem?

What’s the most misunderstood form of poetry? Can you offer a defence?

What’s more important, the first line of a poem or the last, and why?

Seamus Heaney once praised the rapper Eminem for his “verbal energy.” What 
are your thoughts on hip-hop?

What’s the largest audience you’ve ever read to?