12th Annual ALAP (10-Minute) Playreading Festival

1. Spanksgiving << this is how I am spelling it, like "Thanksgiving"
Thomas J. Misuraca

It is about what you think it is about: two tops exchanging "water cooler" style remarks while following their scripts -- stereotypes about spanking. These intertwine very humorously, "you've been a bad girl" "it's hard to find a good woman."

2. Coyote
Ron Burch

More coyote facts! Obviously, I have a bias.

3. One Call
Mary F. Casey

Obviously, the call one gets when arrested.

[Note to self: has this changed? With the ubiquity of cell phones?]

4. Tragedy on West Utica
Catherine Pelonero

A funny story, well told.

5. Pere-Lachaise
Bridgette Portman

Lovely, well-written characters (Gerard de Nerval in a play -- gotta love it).

6. Ceremony
Kenny Hargrove

Funny, full of devices: flowers, then a box, a letter arrives....

7. Chitchat with the Succubus
Dan Berkowitz

(party host!)

Very funny. Well acted.
Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights

Lovely group of people; web site's in transition. I am using their event as a model for a small press weekend / day at Beyond Baroque, where a small press would bring in, say, the publisher, and the local authors (well, it is LA, there are loads of presses which have, say, three-ish local authors at least), and maybe the few -- California, American West, some family in LA, a place to stay with the local authors of the press -- non-local authors.

Three would read on Friday night. Nice length, etc.: three readers. Then, on Saturday, there would be workshops, panels, talks -- specially tailored to the press and its authors -- one in the morning, maybe, one in the afternoon definitely, and then another three readers on Saturday night.

I LOVED the scene slam idea too -- I think it would make genius reality arts tv programming. You know that cooking show where three chefs get three weird ingredients, like blueberries, chocolate, and sardines, a half an hour, and any other ingredients that they want? So scene slam gives you a person, a place, and a thing/event, like "a jerky guy", "Egypt," and "a wedding", and three sets of playwright + actors have to make up a scene about it in 30 minutes, and then they put on the scene. I feel this is a viable idea if you show the set up, maybe highlights of the struggle, highlights of rehearsal, and then the "scene off".