Is that LA or what????


Standard Scheaffer and Chris Vitello e-mailing back and forth on Lucipo about a textbook-type book of readings of interesting poems.

I think it would be doable as an anthology, and it would be cool if poets would do readings of their own poems.

Also, I did a "reading group guide" to Da3 on one of the sites -- borders, b&n, amazon -- I forget which one -- thought it would be amusing. Guess no one knows it is there.

restained the stairs and shelf this am, the whole quart of stain spilled on the driveway overnight. how does one clean this??? may glaze the dining room walls today -- gold -- friends of the family had a small chain of donut stores called "Golden Glaze" so this would make the dining room the donut room


I have a copy of the dead pope's book of poetry. Uh, if I have some time I'll post some here. It is ok.

There's a long history of popes writing poetry. They write it under their real names, not their pope names. I was actually going to write a paper about this in response to a paper I heard at a baroque poetry conference about baroque pope poetry.


Like everyone, I have a st. john of the cross project somewhere -- I am more interested in his commentaries and in the relationship to his good bud St. Teresa of Avila.



stained staircase this am, also a little shelf

new epigraph for Hello Kitty poem: "I was beat, complete", Madonna, "Like a Virgin"

came out when I was in India? I think -- or was that Brenda Carlysle's debut

was a mondegreen moment, until I looked it up I'd just heard it on the radio -- they changed the classic rock station that played Led Zeppelin to "93.1 JACK -- we know Jack" which plays 80s dreck pop -- due to Clear Channel's new 103.1, which plays a lot fo clash, sex pistols, ramones, but then synth pop and way too much 80s reggae -- anyway, hearing a lot of strange tunes -- thought this lyric was "I would be incomplete"


Melissa Hotchkiss, Storm Damage
David Hernandez, A House Waiting for Music
Julianne Buchsbaum, Slowly, Slowly, Horses
Lilah Hegnauer, Dark Under Kiganda Stars
Annie Finch, Calendars
Mary A, Koncel, YOu Can Tell the Horse Anything
Margaret Szumowski, I Want This World
Charles O. HArtman, Island
Liz Waldner, Saving the Appearances
Barbara Tran, In The Mynah Bird's Own Words

We went to Columbia together as well, in fact poet Moira Egan, who I remet after many years, was in the same miserable Deborah Digges workshop, I think (as was Caroline Crumpacker -- to mention another fine poet still writing who suffered through that particular workshop

Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Miracle Fruit

Aimee is planning her May wedding

Amy England, The Flute Ship Castricum
Tina Barr, Gathering the Eye
Jennifer Michael Hecht, The Next Ancient World
Adrian Evans, The Brass Girl Brouhaha
Kate Gale, MAting Season
David Mutschlencner, Esse
Noelle Kocot, The Raving Fortune
KAthleen Wakefield, Notations on the Visible World
Michele Wolf, Conversations During Sleep
Van K. Brock, Unspeakable Strangers
Christopher Bakken, After Greece

good to see Christopher; we took Michael Riffaterre's Critical Theory class together -- he and his wife have appointments at Allegheny State

Rhonda J. Nelson, Musical Chair
Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, In The Absent Everyday
Silvia Curbelo, The Secret History of Water
Sharon Dolin, Realm of the Possible

was great to meet Sharon -- we were introduced by our mutual friend Jeanne Beaumont who was kind enough to tell me about her first wedding -- we laughed -- how could it not have been a mistake marriage when Cat Stevens was the processional?

A documentary DVD called Why Shakespeare includes the inevitable William Shatner reading!

Sandy McIntosh, The After-Death History of my Mother
Laura Kasischke, Gardening in the Dark
KAren Whalley, The Rented Violin
Anna Rabinowitz, Darkling
Ilya Kaminsky, Dancing in Odessa
Eunoia, Christian Bok
Eileen Tabios, The Estrus Gaze(s)
Eileen Tabios, I Take Thee, English, for My Beloved
Cole Swensen, Oh
Jill Hartman, A Painted Elephant
Deborah Landau, orchidelierium
Deborah and I met at Beyond Baroque before Deborah moved back to New York to run the summer program at The New School and also teach,

I was miserably looking for some sort of contact with poets, as was she at that time.

No Boundaries, Prose POems, Ray Gonzalez, ed.
recent books received or purchased by me:

Mose T: A to Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver, by Anton Haardt

part of my desire to become a reviewer of art books; we have a lovely George and Matha Washington pair, the difference is Martha has a smaller goatee and has earrings

Cube, David Morrow Guthrie

a chunky book of pictures of square items including some structures not unlike some I made in college on my way to getting a ridiculously low grade in a fine art course

Subtitles: on the foreignness of film, Aton Egoyan and Ian Balfour, eds.

Speculative Primitive, Chris Stroffolino
Dear Head Nation, Kasey Mohammed
Oriflamme, Sandra Miller
Janet Holmes, The Physicist at the Mall
Susan Wheeler, LEdger
Craig Cotter, Chopstix Numbers
Natasha Saje, Bend
Hermine Meinhard, Bright Turquoise Umbrella
Sarah Hannah, Longing Distance

shared my booksigning with Sarah; we were at Columbia together (she in fiction); she's still at Columbia! She co-taught a course with David Kidd, Ron's writing partner

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Rules of the House


Can't help but correct {lime tree}. Or revise? We have pink lemonade trees. Really. The juice is pink.

Wednesday, March 23

Met my co-reader Catherine Daly for breakfast in the breakfast room at the Inn on Ferry Street, where we were both staying. Barry met us and took us to WSU for our 11am colloquium on poetry and digital media, where we were joined by Carla Harryman, grad students Kristine Danielson, Sarah Ruddy, and Austin St. Peter, and philosophy prof Herb Granger. Catherine gave me a copy of Da Da Da, her book from Salt Press, and Barry gave me his new Green Integer reissue of Progress/Under Erasure. After that, Barry drove me and Catherine around Detroit for awhile to see the sights: a giant cow head on top of a defunct diner, the view of Canada from Belle Isle, and Tyree Guyton's spectacular Heidelberg Project--a city block or so of dilapidated houses and vacant lots strewn with colorful but messed-up stuffed animals, boats, TV sets, and other forms of junk transmuted into art. It was all the more striking being partly covered in the snow that had been blowing around town all day. Back to WSU for the reading at 3; then drinks at a nearby bar with Catherine, Barry, Carla, Kristine, Sarah, and Ted Pearson; then dinner at Atlas--again--with Barry, Carla, and Catherine.

> We met and essentially filled out a ?nairre from a marketing group. But since each of us'd been in town for a few hours, we had no idea how to answer many questions. I have a copy of the questionairre, which I requested, somewhere. The marketing gal said she'd surely be at lunch at the art museum cafe. Which she was!!! We saw her there later in the day. We went for lunch and the Diego Rivera murals. Not Rock Cen, but better floor tile.

Also, this may have contributed to my devotion to the excellent food at the Vancouver Art Gallery caf.

Therese left her hat at "Baccus" a truly great restaurant where I had wild boar sausage; I'm sorry about the hat and will try to call.
Associate or full professor tenured position in the writing of poetry.

This position will provide the [dead, dying] department with its only poet dedicated
primarily to teaching creative writing; other faculty teach [dead languages], and the department hosts a [reanimated] literary series [an hour from nowhere]. The English Department has a [stultifying] emphasis.
I'm sure superheroes were blogging during the AWP conference in Vancouver -- Janet Holmes, Eileen Tabios, Shanna Compton, Joshua Corey -- didn't see Joshua, but talked about HOW AMAZING HIS BOOK FORTHCOMING ON SPINELESS FICTION IS -- it did seem "upper case" -- with Christian Bok, who'd chosen it for their prize -- and tried to go to his panel, but it was SRO.

no that's not a single room occupancy sro, but a standing room only sro

other panels I went to were Sena's Canadian poetry anthology (persea books-- buy it if you don't know the super canadians-- dunno if Adenna or bill bisset, Erin Moure or Lisa Robertson are in it, but Daphne Marlatt, Ann Simpson (I am not at all sure if she is an ANNE like me or an ANN like Lauterbach)

Oh, at the KSW reading, I was able to corner Daphne Marlatt and force a Da3 into her hands -- she was less than thrilled to be reading the sexy, "depressing" poem she read, but it was great --

why didn't Coach House bring more books to the conference???? they had NOTHING like their complete list, although I did get a couple of books, BUT STILL, I was looking forward to returning to earth with certain specific books I've only printed out online and tipped for -- oh, a million times --

Got to meet Fred Wah, and *was very impressed* both my friend and fellow panelist Therese Bachand (the forthcoming luce e cavallo from Green Integer) were impressed with KSW but also the entire collective really.

They were quite puxxled << ok it is time to admit that I keep typing "x" for "z"Z and the qwerty is killing me in this damp

that I loved the work of all these Canadian poets, not realizing that the Sena Q. anthology reading had -- oh -- only two or three poets that I'd heard of on it??? even tho I am blurbed by a Canadian poet (on Da3) and so can be expected to have made some sort of serious foray into "CP"? That really I knew about only three or four Canadian presses before I visited? That I only got "off campus" of the conference for food and poetry and *shopping*?

got some great soaps as gifts from lush -- Therese has super cool daughters and so knows about all the great products and clothes -- I was REALLY UNDERWHELMED BY THE HUDSON BAY CO -- and a point blanket for only 300 dollars or it is made in the US? What up with that? why couldn't we pay in Beaver pelts for them? Aiyyyy. Like anyone would want to trade a beaver pelt for a stupid blanket riddled with TB in 2005.
Went to Kootenay School of Writing reading last night -- Leslie Scalapino, Peter Gizzi, Leonard Schwartz, and Peter O'Leary. I hope the alternate AWP that Ugly Duckling and futurepoem went to was as good! The crowd at KSW consequently seemed older, missing the young alt press crowd. 'Course it was the end of a long Duncan Symposium day. I only have one poem mentioning Theosophy thus far I think.

KSW what a great place.

Late for the Scalapino, but the work -- about the war -- was very visual, heard from the hallway. Peter Gizzi was great as per usual, I had had to leave the Boston Review reading early, after hearing only Cole Swensen, Cal Bedient, Brenda Shaughnessy, and Bin Ramke, for the Tupelo Press reception.

Yes, LOCKET came out THURSDAY afternoon, I got the rip open the box from Fed Ex at the booth. All 40 copies quickly mailed to the conference were sold! We could have easily sold 20 more. Which is a lot.

Anyway, Leonard Schwartz has a series of sonnets with words from the Arabic, and many of these are names of fabrics (some of which I've used in little poems of my own m-- the words, not Schwartz' sonnets).

Peter O'Leary's poems were interesting for me because they were very masculine but he had a lot of catholicism in them.

I met Lissa Wolsak -- a big hug -- she comes to LA a lot but doesn't really drive a great deal, but maybe we can line up a reading next time she comes through.

Christian Bok was fun -- I'd kept missing him when in