spare those with regrets

bless and sanctify the ashes of this marriage, that they may be a wholesome medicine 
to those who in their consciences by sin are accused, who even in the face of the world's cruelty bewail their sins

who wouldest not the death of a sinner, but rather that he should turn from his wickedness and live: we beseech thee to have compassion on the frailty of our mortal nature, and of thy goodness to bl ess these ashes now to be set upon our heads for a token of humility and for the remission of our sins: that we, acknowledging ourselves to be but dust and ashes, and that by reason of our vileness we must return unto the same, may of thy mercy be found worthy to obtain the pardon of our offences and the reward that thou dost promise to them that are penitent. 

who turnest unto them that abase themselves and art favourable unto them that offer atonement: incline thy merciful ear unto our prayers; and of thy pity pour forth upon the heads of thy servants now sprinkled with these ashes the grace of thy heavenly benediction: that they being filled with the spirit of true repentance may effectually obtain those things that they have asked according to thy will. And we beseech thee to ordain that we, being stablished in these thy blessings, may cleave unto the same to life everlasting.

Almighty and everlasting God, who upon the people of Nineveh, repenting in dust and ashes, didst bestow the healing of thy loving-kindness: mercifully grant, that we, who now do imitate them in outward fashion, may be made like unto them in the obtaining of thy pardon. Through.


secret kitty


contemporary art museum, houston, has as found art in current exhibit a pussy in a cup, which as I was critiquing flarf for Secret Kitty, I ran into (it is in the work), because pussy in a cup is a product in Japan... except the artist didn't know it, so made the thing, and I'm like, just go online and order it and then THAT'S found art -- the artist, being unaware, made her own... 

now I should be writing an art history essay...


I'm not that into you

"pulled you out of a jam, I guess, might've used a little too much force"  Bob Dylan

impenetrable demeanor
didn't dissuade me

affection follows logically from certain
behaviors, reproduced:  reliable

triggers yield results

"I need your help" is code

come with me
fellow, traveler,

let us traverse.

Lean into me?

Supports give

I am not the boss of you
you, not my superior,


but wait, I forgot to vote

I wanted to hold your hand at your end,
I wanted you to cradle me in your arms at mine

we acted too quickly,
as though

fools, Russians,
reach for revolutions

we engage
all the issues,
talked & talked

the impact wasn't in whole, nor in part

entangled, we
did triumph over the other

but we isn't an equation
or, you didn't allow
and I didn't permit

My dancefloor, your stage:
dance, perform... I'm involved,
you're obsessed.

Our society, its' means
(cruel, unforgiving)
whose salary yields
retirement, retreat?


I pick and choose at Pic 'n Save
my flaws are entrees to ?
joy or misery, yes, and
I'm not that into you.

the incapacity of doubt
differs from doubts' incapacity

to cope with what's real,

vital, intertwined, aware

overhead, underneath, move
and the world

Always, Forever, Love

heartsick pain
lightning flash, or storm,
thunder rolling,

don't tell me
I don't show you

don't demonstrate
words' failures

or breathe

my example
is trust, is true,
is true
to you
Lit swimming pools behind locked fences in the rain at night,
screens' small squares holding water,
a car, sun roof open, drink holders full

water flows and drips through gutters,
hits patio floors,
plashes ferns, grass, fronds

gentle, insisting on falling
suffusing already-heavy, fecund, erosion

what does time tell
how do we see the sadness of history
why, why, ways

Pool Rules

what were you thinking?
I was raised this way

it seems appropriate, fitting
peace at all costs:  well, it is not the status quo

I love you like an unfinished project is loved,
perfectible in heaven

where will we be, someday?
being being the obvious, impossible choice, never mere

we shall not go on and to no place
to walk along water, climb rocks, booted, prepared,
seeing vistas, yes, we call them that,
enhanced by effort

H'wood premieres with protesters, maybe misinformed, maybe just pushing an agenda
at all costs,

oh, love, what do you require?

don't run in the place of danger and repose

banter & surrender to beauties of plants and animals
and "no" complete in a peculiar "yes" --

what are clouds, but vapors riding vapors
seeded with cannon to make rain

end of "not intervening"