working on the hello kitty poem last night (i.e., the poem entitled "Hello Phastasm / She Has No Mouth"), found a quote I incorporated from Paul Elie. It was a four year old article about the isolation of individual Catholic writers, so the use is out of context, except if you are floating a reading -- one I was trying out for size today while installing (hot! thanks Patrick Vesey, electrician, for the inspiration to install hot when possible) a fixture on our balcony -- "always on" so I'm trying a sundowner chip to see if that will work, since motions are so ugly on antique fixtures -- of the idea of the "holy spirit" (phantasm) as a marketed character, a la Kitty -- something that doesn't speak using speech, but which is quasi-material in some way, and often feminized.

Now, what about that twin, Mimma?

Washington Irvig Library friends made $500. at Saturday's book sale. We are buying coat racks and magazine racks for the library, and we are also starting more programming --

The Echo Park Historical Society and Echo Park Delta Development LLC seek
parties interested in relocating a 1911 bungalow currently located at 1609 Delta
Street. Qualified individuals or organizations are invited to submit proposals
to relocate and utilize the structure. Financial assistance may be available,
with additional amounts for nonprofit or community uses. Interested parties
must be able to accept delivery of the structure before February 1, 2006.
Contact Kevin Kuzma of the EPHS at 213-840-2583 no later than August 15th to begin
the qualification process.

Here's a link to some images of the building. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/kuzmakevin/album?.dir=/ba4e