working on the hello kitty poem last night (i.e., the poem entitled "Hello Phastasm / She Has No Mouth"), found a quote I incorporated from Paul Elie. It was a four year old article about the isolation of individual Catholic writers, so the use is out of context, except if you are floating a reading -- one I was trying out for size today while installing (hot! thanks Patrick Vesey, electrician, for the inspiration to install hot when possible) a fixture on our balcony -- "always on" so I'm trying a sundowner chip to see if that will work, since motions are so ugly on antique fixtures -- of the idea of the "holy spirit" (phantasm) as a marketed character, a la Kitty -- something that doesn't speak using speech, but which is quasi-material in some way, and often feminized.

Now, what about that twin, Mimma?

Washington Irvig Library friends made $500. at Saturday's book sale. We are buying coat racks and magazine racks for the library, and we are also starting more programming --


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