Food-Moth Ritual

Sometimes, in Southern California, one gets used to the rhythms of the bugs there, there are moths in bags of rice, or beans, or any sort of legume, or grain.

So then, the grocery errand changes.

Purchase rice, beans, rye, in bulk or in bags.
Purchase ceramic, glass, or whatever jars or containers at the dollar store.

Bring them home and put them in the freezer.
After a day or so, transfer the chilled rice into, beans, rye, into jars that seal.

This can also affect spices.


Thoughts Trying to Take Crap Picture of Moon

Hurry, hurry, that's a great shot!
Oh, it is the moon.
(relax, don't take a picture: enjoy the moon which is there and always will be)

Now there is a cloud over the moon.
(I was enoying the moon and walking around without taking a picture, and then I wanted to take a picture, and a cloud had intervened, sorry cloud, I didn't take a picture of the cloud either)

But all throughout the process, the moon and cloud remained quite lovely.

(and I eventually got some pictures of them, that I shared)