Eileen Tabios (still on list?)

has a blog post I've been thinking about -- basically, why are many entrants of a poetry prize she is judging already winners of poetry prizes --

and it seems obvious that those are the people best able to see how valuable a poetry prize is, OR, are the least likely to have done the types of poetry community work and researching to know the presses and editors to submit over the transom

and I think part of my answer to that question is important because when I was thinking it, it occurred to me that -- dud -- of course a prize is better, because it gives people outside the specialty on a hiring committee, or grant committee, or whatever, a sense of peer review, a sense that this is work that is somehow "approved"

b/w the "I hate chapbooks" thing, then, self publishing is the *opposite* of prize-winning.
this solitary hill.

this hedgerow too holds most
of the horizon from me.
But as I sit and gaze,
space beyond that hedge,
my mind conjures
a silence more
than peace
until my heart
is all but daunted.
As I hear the wind rustle again in the foliage,
I compare this infinite silence to that whispered voice:
I recollect the Eternal,
long-dead seasons and the present season
alive, the sheer sure sound of it. And so
my thought drowns in its immensity:
shipwreck is a sweet thing on this ocean.

don't like the switch to shipwreck
Had I missed this before? Review of Chanteuse / Catatrice




Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House being a version of Thomas Hardy,

How I Built Myself a House


here in LA


here's another page from 291 with a teeny pic of a visual poem not by meyer and de zayas

these are all angles of the same close up
reading a women & ny modernism book, came across the collabs between Agndes Ernst Meyer and Marius de Zayas, especially encouraging this work from the journal 291 is so like the Adon Le Croix/ Man Ray collabs -- perhaps a different access point to visual poetry for me