Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp., 36 F. Supp. 2d 191 (S.D.N.Y. 1999), was a decision by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, which ruled that exact photographic copies of public domain images could not be protected by copyright because the copies lack originality. Even if accurate reproductions require a great deal of skill, experience and effort, the key element for copyrightability under U.S. law is that copyrighted material must show sufficient originality.


Ron asks:

can you do anything with this house to look nice?


we could put a really big picture of a nice house in front of it

more seriously, this house DEFINES midcentury 3/2 vernacular ranch cosmetic fixer: your question is, since this is untouched, what would it be / look like, if someone with style and taste mde some changes?

unfortunately, I think the best thing to do to it would be to 1) add a second story with a really, really good architect and 2) think about the window openings and ceilings

you have to choose a color to paint the house, something bold, like aqua or mint with white trim; those are mature yucca we'd want to keep, so you just rip up the rest of the grass in front and my vote would be to hire these really cool young guys in Palm Springs who do succulent and cactus gardens: different colors of rock and glass, blooming cacti and succulents, the old yucca looking like palm trees, multi colored spotlights at night

you make the back fireplace three sided, so that you have a fp on the patio and on the inside and can see thru
you extend the existing original ameoba concrete patio by pouring two more "waves" of patio in blue - green tints up to a pool which has a shape

totally new kitchen, I'm hoping you can open it to the back with sliders

since this is a tract home, there may not be wood or marble chip under the carpet & lino, although I see some hardwood in the living room; I would probably do magnesite or polished concrete with an aqua blue wave thing in the kitchen if it can open out to the back (concrete counters), and marble chip or colored bamboo elsewhere

the zodiac wallpaper bathroom is a total loss

those bedrooms with the mini windows are pretty useless and grim, but they are on the back, so this is where you change the window openings; another idea is to make them the guest suite/office and go up for more bedrooms

hopefully the master is where that wall is and there's a patio of some sort off of it? this part -- matching above the garage in the floor plan probably -- you might try to get a tray ceiling

you might open the ceiling above the lr & family which flows together at the back of the house
reding Raworth this morning, the carnacet collected -- the hungarian to english without knowing hungarian poems really do have english words which are hungarian-looking

I particularly like West Wind; assuming it is from the famous "when wilt thou blow" poem?
Simplex 17

On December 7, 2005 I sent the following invitation:
"this is an invitation to participate in a collaborative / constraint-based concrete poetry portfolio. Letraset was created as a business tool for the standardization of lettering in technical drawings and blueprints. Although it has fallen out of favour due to the proliferation of computers in technical drawing, letraset continues to be used in concrete poetry. By assigning the same material to a variety of international concrete poets and artists, this project examines how content and form interplay in concrete poetry, and will be an insight in to the malleability of language and materiality through different visual compositional structures and styles."

Seventeen poets and artists agreed to participate. Each received a full sheet of Simplex letraset dry-transfer lettering (every participant received the same typeface, although the size of the face varied due to difficulties i had in finding enough sheets) and were restricted to using only the material supplied (i.e.: no additional materials), and responses had to fit on a single sheet of 8 ½" x 11" (or A4 if international) paper.

Simplex 17 contains work by: Bruce Andrews, Jonathan Ball, John M. Bennett, Christian Bök, Nicole Burisch, Jason Christie, Craig Dworkin, Geoffrey Hlibchuk, Matthew Hollett, Frances Kruk, Donato Mancini, Billy Mavreas, kevin mcpherson-eckhoff, Max Middle, Rob Read, Pete Spence, Dan Waber

this brought back good memories (my Dad used to bring these home to us to play with -- he constantly made signs and doesn't hand letter well); why isn't Cage mentioned in the desc. wasn't his stuff letraset?

in addition to letraset there are -- or used to be -- more readily available vinyl letters in different sizes and faces, and more readily available exotic stencils of letters; now there are letter iron ons, candles, etc. easy to find

although I am finding the popularity of scrapbooking has led to a plethora of new strange paper shapes, interesting punches, and whatnot -- not only expensively, but also at the 99 cents store


available to trade (these books mostly cost me a dollar)

The owning Stone, Jim Peterson, Red hen, 1999 prize winner
Jonh & Job, Judson Jerome, john Daniel & Co, 1991, bible poems
the trouble making finch, len roberts, u of i press, some markings
lucid suitcase, dine wald, red hen, 1999, I reviewed this for boston review
ralph burns, swamp candles, iowa prize, 1996
gaylord brewer, devilfish, red hen, 1998 prize winner
norman stock, buying breakfast for my kamikaze pilot, mostly prose poems, peregrine smith winner, 1993
stephen gibson, rorschach art, red hen, 2001
for the kingdon, anthoony piccione, boa, 1995
good hope road, sturt discell, hardcover, nps tom lux selection, viking 1991
there are so many ways humans can resolve disputes without surrendering their personal agency to the legal justice system

a thing a thought was very smart that Brian Howe posted on the poetics list; it is this surrender of personal agency when someone resorts to the legal justice system and / or the systems supporting twelve stepping, and various other types of behavioural interventions, to affect the behaviours of others; the tendency is for lower middle class, working class, working poor, and poor people, who are already more familiar with the unfriendly end of the legal justice system and these other systems (including religious support systems) to resort to it most -- and it does seem to be a sort of surrender