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california book awards

1947 (17) Zimmerman Hazel Louise Journey to Victory Poetry Silver
1955 (25) Margot-Parle Delina Symphony Poetry Silver
1958 (28) Stanford Ann Magellan Poetry Silver
1964 (34) Altrocchi Julia Girl with Ocelot Poetry Silver
1970 (40) Boyle Kay Testament For My Students Poetry Silver
1973 (43) Wright Celeste T. A Sense of Place Poetry Silver
1977 (47) Stanford Ann In Mediterranean Air Poetry Silver
1978 (48) Moon Sheila Songs for Wanderers Poetry Silver
1981 (51) Lewis Janet Poems Old and New, 1918-1978 Poetry Silver
1983 (53) Miles Josephine Collected Poems, 1930-83 Poetry Silver
1985 (55) Stanford Ann The Countess of Forli Poetry Silver
1988 (58) Hirshfield Jane Of Gravity and Angels Poetry Silver
1989 (59) Hillman Brenda Fortress Poetry Silver
1993 (63) Ehret Terry Lost Body Poetry Silver
1994 (64) Addonizio Kim The Philosopher's Club Poetry Silver
1994 (64) Hirshfield Jane The October Palace Poetry Silver
1996 (66) Kizer Carolyn Harping On Poetry Silver
1998 (68) Bloch Chana Mrs. Dumpty Poetry Silver
2000 (70) Howe Fanny Selected Poems Poetry Gold
2001 (71) Kizer Carolyn Cool, Calm & Collected: Poems 1960-2001 Poetry Silver
2004 (74) Rich Adrienne School Among the Ruins Poetry Gold
2005 (75) Ryan Kay Niagara River Poetry Gold
charge of the light brigade
barretts of wimpole street
tom & viv

Christina Rossetti in KISS ME DEADLY

Ken Russell, Dante's Inferno

then there are movies written by poets, but not necessarily of their poetry of bios, like Parker's SMASH-UP, A STAR IS BORN

poets.org has a lot of the more traditionally-referenced ones, as well
as in the two articles


pretty good list at the end of this one!

but one question is the obvious -- what sort of film? commercial
english-language film not being films of verse plays?

anything that's not a poem in form thrown in to a period piece or biopic?

dada / surrealist film?