I'm actually working on a Hello Kitty poem called Hello Phantasm / She Has No Mouth

All best,
Catherine Daly

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Wendy and Carlye,

It was interesting, a poem in the computer screen, I like when
people combine art forms, because to me its all one thing, artist
is an inclusive term, whether you are a poet, musician, painter its
all beautiful, there is this guy (Jamie Scholnick) that has this art
project that's about giving Hello Kitty a mouth, I so want to read
my Hello Kitty poem (email me back channel if you want me to
send it to you) at one of his shows when he is in LA,


but I feel that artist and art forms should embrace each other, it
just makes everyone's work that much stronger, I'm really also
looking forward to see seing the Visual Music exhibit at MOCA
today, I planned on just hitting the Geffen so thanks for that info


ah yes, information -- from my notes on what I'm going to say in a few hours, ine thing is that information -- and I include all of literature in that, and, say, not only all code or math but also what's done with it -- it is a loose concept of information, not a tight one -- is serving me as communication did -- even with the dead (there's that seance idea) -- you know, all those letters I used to write

the general idea is that the relationship between a writer and/or artist, specifically a poet, but it could be any, and the world and the world interpreted / in language is now, at least for IS, IT, MIS people (hi Andre) and writers and artists, is in making information and the means to control / access it

but while there is a ghost of "planet on the table" about this, a ghost of [something -- my isn't the development of the disk of coffee and a four cup coffee maker in hotel rooms a big plus?] -- uh, a ghost of mere phenomenology? -- there is a tension to exploit beyond "coming to terms" and "drama" --
last bit on emerson from yesterday

"we create all that we see"

"he empties before you a box or bag of jewels as he goes on, which you may take and make the most you can of (typed "mot" there!); but you can find no progress in the subject, no opening out, expanding, motion outwards, -- (love comma dash combos) but instead of standing still and giving the utterance that comes at the moment. He might as well being anywhere else and end anywhere else..."

well, hello phantasm!
Emerson --

makes me winder whatover happened to all that utopia research I did

course have that ms., DYSTOPIA, but -- no really, I was doing a bunch of utopia research at one point. hmmmm. I think it might have gotten shuffled during the move from "the park they call la brea" yeah, TAR PARK, what a great marketing slogan

convers francis says sir walter scott is as much of a man as coleridge

all this reading about spirit and phenomenon has got me thinking of my hello kitty poem, which needs more of the noumenal in it, "Hello Phantasm / She Has No Mouth." For real.

Anyway, I started writing it using a Hello Kitty coloring / games book called Use Your Imagination. It was my way of thinking out how I am not writing flarf or googlism -- I think I tried once, sent it to Gary Sullivan or Michael Magee (sp?) oh dear and when you google combo poetry you get "How to order Poetry with a Porpoise"

"glism" good word chunk

anyhow, I like Chris Piuma's Saskatchewan

still haven't punched a hole in my Hawai'i poem
or my australia poem for that matter, which I think will rotate counterclockwise

flarf -- the marshmallow fluff of poetry. the fluffernutter sandwich. the peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

hello phantasm went really well for the first page -- it was written with the internet searched thru google (I used altavista before I met Andrew Maxwell. Thereafter, I used google)

for example, Phantasm was in a garden, and was a flower and a gardener. I wanted to put in some stuff about girls as flowers (which I also think a lot about for the girls, girls, girls rainbow poems and for the florilegium project I have the notes somewhere)

so I looked up mary, mary quite contrary, since I'd forgotten it -- well I thought I had, but I hadn't --

did a lot of research into clap songs and jump songs in college and grad school; my thesis was called "Engine No. 9" and I suppose Locket could be called "Love Potion No. 9" as it has some of the thesis poems in it

anyway, and then this got twisted around and went into the poem

this is different from what I have been doing, since it was to be for the whole poem, and I generally just free associate and look things up once in a while or I have an internet source, say, outsider math, and go from there --

when I am writing a certain type of poem I use desktop software especially if I don't have internet access
Sorry to imform you, we don't sell end ussers.

message from a lampshade site; I want two 12-14 inch diameter (lower portion of shade) hexagonal parchment shades for bridge lamps (with ono -- not adapters, those don't work -- but ono gizmos on top that screw into the bridge lamp) -- oh - for less than $40.

mina loy made lampshades... but I wonder if I have time... no -- I know I don't!
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this reminds me of a former student who sends my New York School style poems -- he's a french pop star -- anyhoo, all the women are "princesses" -- really great stuff, his poems
I don't really know what I'm going to say today, except it is about information and my poetry -- not poetry in general, but my poetry.

This has somewhat been confused in my mind by what I read yesterday on the plane -- Horace McCoy's novels THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY, KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE, NO POCKETS IN A SHROUD, and THEY SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME. Horses is the best because of the setting / shape of it, but it doesn't have the plot or character development of the later novels. This to me is not really a flaw. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye -- I read it first -- despite the timing of its writing, it is the most "genre novel trying to be literature" novel here -- one marked superlong vocabulary word

aside -- the type of novel which contains the phrase "bald pate" -- I was disappointed in THE LONG KISS GOODBYE so I picked up KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE to read -- THE LONG KISS GOODBYE was the type of novel that would include the phrase "bald pate" but miraculously didn't -- KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE contained the phrase

and a lot of weird mystical / oedipal stuff at the end that must've gotten edited out of the earlier parts of the book, but the plot not as clunky and there aren't as many lectures about MARX and the blacklist as POCKETS or SHOULD'VE

I was reading an emerson book EMERSON IN HIS OWN TIME -- review copy I got a while ago -- Amos Alcott calls him "Mr. E" -- Mr. E "favors written works. He holds men and things at a distance; pleases himself with using them for his own benefit, and as a means of gathering material for his works. He does not believe in the actual. His sympathies are all intellectual. He pursuades me to leave the actual, devote myself to the speculative, and embody my thoughts in written works." His "idealized picture is the true and real one to him..." Beauty charms him. Something garbled about things which aren't beautiful but which are true have no appeal to Mr. E, who prefers to set forth the beauty of truth.

I picked this out because I'm thinking about information, and also not a little about Emerson.
Dear Catherine,
My name is Thomas Melvin and I'm a lottery winner from Boston. When I hit the megabucks I was approached by many people wanting to do my story. I got married ten days after I received my high school diploma and had a daughter one month after that. Then hit the jackpot for $3.2 million on my daughters 3rd month birthday. My wife Mary K. comes from an Irish family of fifteen kids (ten brothers) who have been in the paper for that fact alone. Try to imagine the drama in this plot.
The story is amazing and should be an easy one to put on paper. I've had offers to write it through the years but I declined. I've been waiting for my son to turn 16 so he could play the role. His appearance is perfect for the camera.
There's so much content and the ending writes itself. Let me know if you would like to take a closer look.
Thomas Melvin