crack 2: not a sequel, a parody

Camper Van / Cracker: "I hate that Cracker rockstar shit."

He's got the Eye of Fatima on the wall of his room
Two bottles of tequila, three cats and a broom
He's got an 18-year-old angel and she's all dressed in black
He's got 15 nickels of cocaine tied up in a sack
And this here's a government experiment and we're driving like Hell
To give some cowboys some Acid and to stay in motels
We're going to eat up some wide open spaces
Like it was a cruise on the Nile
Take the hands off the clock, we're going to be here a while
And I am the Eye of Fatima on the wall of the motel room
And cowboys on acid are like Egyptian cartoons
And no one ever conquered Wyoming from the left or from the right
But you can stay in motel rooms and stay up all night


Rachel Loden
Rae Armantrout
Hammer, Tuesday

Rarely is a pairing of readers so fortuitous. No, that would be the pairing was by chance, and this is not so. These readers were deliberately paired, either by themselves or Benjamin Weissman.
Conversations with Artists: Guerilla Girls and Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries
Monday, September 14 | 7:00 pm
The Guerilla Girls, an anonymous collective of women artists, art historians, and art administrators, produce provocative posters, books, and actions that expose sexism and racism in politics, art, film, and pop culture. Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries creates web art, edgy digital poetry that flashes to the beat of music. A collaboration of Young-hae Chang (Seoul, Korea) and Marc Voge (USA), these texts are often politically pointed stories covering everything from sex and violence to alienation and the mundane. In this conversation with former LACMA curator Lynn Zelevansky, each will discuss their similar uses of provocation, collaboration, and broad-based accessibility in their work.

Bing Theater | Free, no reservations
as I realized that the first thing I learned from the Nixon Library yesterday is perhaps *not* to try to -- as has become my habit -- process all the information and make it fit (into what, for me?)

this is different from writing and writing from sources so much you make your own smudge of them, as I'm doing with Louise Colet, very slowly now

then I woke up with commands to make the sprinkler system go on and to make an ip address dynamic from static

now to home depot
then to call and see why the chimney didn't pass inspection
and then to get some *finishing* done
to get ready for some *cleaning*