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thanks for your submission. your words will be used to create the public poem 4000 WORDS 4000 DEAD. after reading the poem aloud, each word will be given away to passing pedestrians.

if you are thinking about attending or sending friends to see the chicago performance, it will take place on may 2nd and begin at 5pm in front of the vietnam war memorial (located at wabash & wacker along the chicago river). the performance will end at 8:30pm at the depaul center (1 east jackson boulevard).



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> happenstance
> jiggery
> piecemeal
> misfortune
> spare
> scarce


device as moral compass (itself a device)
morality as magical, as giving magical powers, converting ordinary life to magical -- ALLEGORICAL narrative


notes from nature in princeton book, to be folded into where am I I think

let the stars be our blanket
oh, they are

let the stars be our mattress
and pull the sod up

(like the racoons)

n. 1. See Matress.


the image of what
quote from Amy Lowel poem with a pine bough
[Stein on The Lonesome Pine]
Stein on Vine
[Carson on Stein on The Lonesome Pine]

imitation of what
what would Christ do?
writing this makes what
anything a claim
not acclaim

a claim about something not about
this writing, if about nature

slippery speech

reality vs. nature
human relations to nature
that racoon in the backyard
those skunks mating in the driveway, living in the cypresses, spreading used tampons and food wrappers around the neighborhood
the naughty doctor feeding the coyotes, some "nurse and guardian"

live trap

fact anomie value
"family values"
natural selection
moral majority
rhythm method

nature has history
natural history
but is ahistorical in human history
except if you study boundaries
or forests or wilds
in fairy tales or folk tales
or journey tales or
constrast the human mark of time, festival, with the "turn of the year" or compare with natural cycles
her suborned, there triumphant
not an unceasing goddless play
on and on this dancing without the "bloody flux" (they shoot horses, don't they?)
subject only to objects
and they, infernal, don't last (only their effect)

Tibullus selected a subset of nature in order to contrast it with city, a subset of civilization (though nature and civilization overlap in this construct)

what does "delusive" mean
not elusive
or allusive

these poets, it is place for them, not nature
these naturalists keep journals about what they think and experience, their coming-to-know-or-at-least-write in nature, not poems

your red mouth
has no place in nature
except in us
cerain simians
ok, everywhere not giving speech nor drool

a problem with nature writing is the assumed superiority of the specialist in boring philosophy

georgics, georgian
logistics vs. logos
"the world is stubborn"
as Estelle Skowbo
what "is not female" assumes
makes an ass of you and me
separate nature

dignity, that fool
trip step!

I provide the frame and end.
Christian = I
There are two "I"s. We are the opposite.

One is created
One is wholly sensual. Sexy!

Demon sprawl, scrawl.

How is this simple thing a judge, our flaw, its simple appeal. Harmless invasive mint draws vermin. Used for teas. Tisanes.
What lives int hat mature greenery? It is not nature. Some plants on a retaining wall Zoran and I braced.

Loveliess is supernatural.
The thorn, Ophelia, Old English, early vernacular
back in those classical
post classical times.
Oh, yeah, that's a well-summoned bower vine there
[latin name]
classification, always Aristotilian, not Cartesian, Kantian

the streaky tulip has broken genes
fluke & giant hydra
against any sharp, to any sun
each image lies against a branch
ever green
passive = pillow
= sleepy, needing rest
without eyes not closed

sui generis
some strange vortex of ferns
all get-out
radical Hartford, Insurance city, across from the park full of skunks, racoons, coyote, rat, jasmine, azalea, choke cherry, loquat

there is only one property line


too many moths

dialated five inches a week
the crowning

speckled backs, browns and beiges beautiful and slow

all my grains in the fridge
all my sweaters have holes

a manuscript, a type of weapon, a problem

I kill them and they also die


I dreamed a loud "snap" that woke me up exactly when I needed to check the traps for rats, at 6:15 a.m.

What would a life coach say to this backyard? What would a life guard do?

"there's a lot of mystique around rum"
it is spending more time in oak

I wonder about oak. Why oak?
Mesquite tequila, mesquite mescal,
camphor, cedar, or redwood gin

Destination Brand

"teens like brands, not companies"
"teens drive family expenditure, especially in a downturn"

desserts, architecture, rum, beauty, Olympics, and public art

pineapple guava

salmon roe

Build well
once dazzling
once eloquent, these ivies and vines
refining the trellis, the pergola
refusing to be trained

as it could be -- parallel
as it ----------- the site

kill devil sugar cane
original coke
kosher marshmallows

first distilled molasses
then distilled cane juice

'ti punch

dull roar of The Trail
fountain-like pool refilling, bright
neighbor spraying a bucket with a hose
plastic or garbage can

all this cape myrtle and no hummers

stress and no arctic cranberries unusually high in Omega-3s
gold, caviar, silk
"there's nothing to understand about beauty"
nature applied
commodity used

light pollution
streetlight tops uncapped
only Orion, Big Dipper, visible tonight -- too much ground light for many stars --

dark bay reflective bay
fishy bay
dull harbor, mud bottomed
for a deep draft port, 40 miles from the city center
annex annex annex
a city with no center
nature without center, just proceeding
ignite incite inspire
igneous citation spirit of the Watts Towers
metaphoric ARK
radial Rodia
No Doubt

Nothing else, other, besides, instead. You are something else, clear, alternative. No one else but you, but me. No one other than you and me; just us, becoming us. No murky, blurring else between, no room for hedging, edges, nothing else. No one outside us.

You exist. You were meant to exist. No one could be better at existing than you. Nothing exists aside from you, No, I song. I sing you. I was meant to strip you down to essentials, undersong.
The Festival of Books will be held on the UCLA campus.
Parking on the UCLA campus is $8.
Poetry Stage-------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday April 26, 2008

10:00 AM
Mark Doty
Author, “Fire to Fire”

10:30 AM
Sholeh Wolpe
Author, “Rooftops of Tehran”

11:00 AM
Eloise Klein Healy & Elizabeth Bradfield
Authors, “The Islands Project: Poems for Sappho” & “Interpretive Work: Poems”

11:30 AM
Albert Goldbarth
Author, “The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems, 1972-2007”

12:00 PM
Brian Tracy & Musicians Andy & Rene
Author, “Driving with Dante”

12:30 PM
David St. John
Author, “The Face: A Novella in Verse”

1:00 PM
Jean Valentine
Author, “Little Boat”

1:30 PM
Marvin Bell
Author, “Mars Being Red”

2:00 PM
Christopher Buckley
Author, “Modern History”

2:30 PM
Sarah Maclay and Charles Hood
Authors, “The White Bride” and “Rio de Dios”

3:00 PM
Susan McCabe
Author, "Descartes' Nightmare"
“Cinematic Modernism: Modernist Poetry and Film”

3:30 PM
Lynne Thompson and Jeffery Levine
Authors, “Beg No Pardon” and “Rumor of Cortez”

4:00 PM
Jennifer Kwan Dobbs
Author, “Paper Pavilion”

4:30 PM
Tony Barnstone
Author, “The Golem of Los Angeles”

5:00 PM
Catherine Daly and Stuart Dischell
Authors, “Locket” and “Backwards Days”


10:00 AM
Elena Byrne and Marty Williams
Authors, “Masque” and “Other Medicine”

10:30 AM
Robert Pinsky
Author, “Gulf Music: Poems”

11:00 AM
Maurya Simon
Author, “Cartographies”

11:30 AM
Al Young
Author, “Something About the Blues”

12:00 PM
Elaine Equi
Author, “Ripple Effect: New and Selected Poems”

12:30 PM
Jill Bialosky and Dana Goodyear
Authors, “The End of Desire” and “Honey and Junk”

1:00 PM
James Ragan
Author, “In the Talking Hours”

1:30 PM
Adam Kirsch
Author, “Invasions: New Poems”

2:00 PM
Stanley Plumly
Author, “Old Heart: Poems”

2:30 PM
Carol Muske-Dukes and Sam Pereira
Authors, “Sparrow” and “A CafĂ© in Boca”

3:00 PM
Chris Abani
Author, “Hands Washing Water”

3:30 PM
Wanda Coleman and Diane Ward
Authors, “Mercurochrome” and “When You Awake”

4:00 PM
Luis J. Rodriguez
Author, “My Nature is Hunger”


this is a vauxhall - like concrete / found poem special for the reading at new college

I think I will print it out so that it appears properly and &c.; I don't know where the ekerd wine aisle painting is, but that would be great to that -- you know, first of an undone series


cherry sours vanilla caramels caramel creams atomic fireballs gummi worms pixy stix gummy dinosaurs spice drops gummi bears

gumballs juju coins sweetarts candy corn root beer barrels nordic fish chick-o-stick tootsie roll midges gummi sharks

cinnamon imperials fruit slices vanilla caramels jelly beans assorted starlights orange slices licorice twists red twists

kids play dum dum pops dubble bubble blow pops peppermint twists cherry slices butterscotch discs sour neon worms starlight mints
we went to the hollyhock house (for the first time -- been to barnsdall lots, but not since hollyhock was reopened)

was struck by over lap -- not with schindler, neutra, lloyd wright, way she connected people, so much as

While the rest of her life was more focused on raising her child and collecting art, she never abandoned her passionate embrace of progressive and socialist causes. To the consternation of her Olive Hill neighbors, Barnsdall used Olive Hill as the sounding and poster board for her many causes. Her support for the release of Thomas Mooney, a militant labor leader was perhaps her most celebrated, long-standing cause.

Lloyd Wright designed Barnsdall protest sign.

Mooney was charged and convicted of planting the bomb that exploded in a 1916 San Francisco Preparedness Day Parade. Many, including Emma Goldman and several of Barnsdall's other friends convinced Barnsdall he was innocent and she should fund his defense. But it was not only her "pinko" friends who believed Mooney was framed; the conservative judge that found him guilty, six months later was stumping around the state proclaiming Mooney's innocence.

Barnsdall became the chief financier of Mooney's defense, with Olive Hill at one point being its headquarters. For years the Olive Hill property was ringed with bill boards protesting Mooney's innocence, and in the early thirties, Lloyd Wright redesigned the billboards so they would be less obnoxious. Barnsdall used the billboards as her own personal newspaper, urging everything from the election of Upton Sinclair and Culbert Olson as governor to opposing entry into the war.

Barnsdall's support for Mooney, even though he was eventually released and declared innocent, along with her friendship with Emma Goldman and other socialists lead the FBI to trail Barnsdall for 24 years, believing her part of the "lunatic fringe." For more than two decades FBI reports of her prosaic doings, including her hair salon appointments and hotel trips were dutifully sent to J. Edgar Hoover, before they belatedly concluded she was just a harmless wealthy lady with bohemian leanings.

tHE ANARCHISTS!!! Lola Ridge?
using Eileen Myles' SKIES as a way into writing about nature in an airplane rather than checking out the circus museum (Thursday poem)

the blank, glowing windoe
more about the clash on headphones
than actual wispiness inside

the blank, glowing window
and clouds --

I can see auras if I concentrate but I think anyone might be able to -- I think it might be like hearing certain types of music --

an ad for chocolates that looks like the dots animation from sesame street plays on the seatback across the aisle
all the beauty and warmth of the sun (summit of beauty and love)
I know I'm going to get a red neck and sun damage

orchid trees are beautiful (no they are not really orchids in the trees)
but you can't take the orchids down
"the pressing / blue/ I'm pressing / through"

sunshower is my audio playlist selection

"stars shining right above you"

soaring above TriBeCa, $25K a month
your New York observations
make it New York


lining out

who is worshipped through voice
voice only
worldly instrumentalism
voice worShips

>>> earlier in the week, getting typed now

there is no sign they are dangerous
there is no proof they are safe

check out Bellona, Hippolyta's girdle, girdle/belts in general, Heracles vs. Hercules