I dreamed a loud "snap" that woke me up exactly when I needed to check the traps for rats, at 6:15 a.m.

What would a life coach say to this backyard? What would a life guard do?

"there's a lot of mystique around rum"
it is spending more time in oak

I wonder about oak. Why oak?
Mesquite tequila, mesquite mescal,
camphor, cedar, or redwood gin

Destination Brand

"teens like brands, not companies"
"teens drive family expenditure, especially in a downturn"

desserts, architecture, rum, beauty, Olympics, and public art

pineapple guava

salmon roe

Build well
once dazzling
once eloquent, these ivies and vines
refining the trellis, the pergola
refusing to be trained

as it could be -- parallel
as it ----------- the site

kill devil sugar cane
original coke
kosher marshmallows

first distilled molasses
then distilled cane juice

'ti punch

dull roar of The Trail
fountain-like pool refilling, bright
neighbor spraying a bucket with a hose
plastic or garbage can

all this cape myrtle and no hummers

stress and no arctic cranberries unusually high in Omega-3s
gold, caviar, silk
"there's nothing to understand about beauty"
nature applied
commodity used

light pollution
streetlight tops uncapped
only Orion, Big Dipper, visible tonight -- too much ground light for many stars --

dark bay reflective bay
fishy bay
dull harbor, mud bottomed
for a deep draft port, 40 miles from the city center
annex annex annex
a city with no center
nature without center, just proceeding


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