ear Friend of the Redondo Poets,

To help to plan your holiday season...November and December 2009 are full of such high cards we can't resist showing our hands. All in! We're betting you will be surprised and delighted.
November 3 ALL OPEN MIC - What hath Jim wrought!?
November 10 Charles Harper Webb, author most recently of Shadow Ball: New and Selected Poems
November 17 Tobi Cogswell, author most recently of Carpeting the Stones
November 24 Julianna McCarthy, author of Photoplay

December 1 Gail Wronsky, author most recently of Bling & Fringe: The L.A. Poems (with Molly Bendall)
December 8 Danielle Grilli & Buffy Visick, poetry and music (seatbelts will be provided for this attraction)
December 15 Brian Tracy, author most recently of The Distance Between Shores
December 22 Bill Meis, bard of Redondo Beach
December 29 NO READING

Don't forget: This Tuesday (10/27/09) CECILIA WOLOCH (author most recently of Carpathia)

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Shiva Sutras

1. a i u Ṇ
2. ṛ ḷ K
3. e o Ṅ
4. ai au C
5. h y v r Ṭ
6. l Ṇ
7. ñ m ṅ ṇ n M
8. jh bh Ñ
9. gh ḍh dh Ṣ
10. j b g ḍ d Ś
11. kh ph ch ṭh th ca ṭ t V
12. k p Y
13. ś ṣ s R
14. h L


Even the blooming flowers
Will eventually fade
Even our world
Is not eternal
The deep mountains of vanity
Cross them today
And superficial dreams
Shall no longer delude you

[die without sin]

Nirvana Sutra

All acts are impermanent
That's the law of creation and destruction.
When all creation and destruction are extinguished
That ultimate stillness (nirvana) is true bliss.
In the 5th century BCE in ancient India, the grammarian Pāṇini formulated the grammar of Sanskrit in 3959 rules known as the Ashtadhyayi which was highly systematized and technical. Panini used metarules, transformations and recursions with such sophistication that his grammar had the computing power equivalent to a Turing machine.