Shiva Sutras

1. a i u Ṇ
2. ṛ ḷ K
3. e o Ṅ
4. ai au C
5. h y v r Ṭ
6. l Ṇ
7. ñ m ṅ ṇ n M
8. jh bh Ñ
9. gh ḍh dh Ṣ
10. j b g ḍ d Ś
11. kh ph ch ṭh th ca ṭ t V
12. k p Y
13. ś ṣ s R
14. h L


Even the blooming flowers
Will eventually fade
Even our world
Is not eternal
The deep mountains of vanity
Cross them today
And superficial dreams
Shall no longer delude you

[die without sin]

Nirvana Sutra

All acts are impermanent
That's the law of creation and destruction.
When all creation and destruction are extinguished
That ultimate stillness (nirvana) is true bliss.


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