the most recent iteration of eros/thanatos show has a photo by Claudia where she's written "what was the safe word" (I think -- might be different -- in lipstick on the mirror); she had to explain this to somebody. I illustrated, because it can't be "no, no, no."

So a thesaurus poem.

Safe Words
for Claudia


vault repository receptacle reserve stockpile store


impregnable buttoned up


unharmed, unhurt
Largehearted Boy asks authors to create playlists for their books.

As you may well know, each of my books have playlists : ) I think they are here.



finally a better way to search craigslist



sauerbraten experiment

rump roast
brown off

add 1 c water
1 cup red wine vineger, 1/4 malt vinegar
bay leaves
allspice corns
1 tsp ginger -- the "fresh grated in a jar" kind
1 lump brown sugar
Protest the Nazis at L.A. City Hall
Saturday, April 17, 2010, 11:00am
Say “No!” to anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, racist, anti-union, homophobic & sexist bigotry!

March 30, 2010
Dear Friends,
We, the undersigned community activists, urge you to help build a mass demonstration in opposition to the National Socialist Movement rally being held in honor of Hitler’s birthday, Saturday, April 17, at L.A.’s City Hall. The NSM is holding a national convention in the City of Angels to promote their mission of “reclaiming the Southwest.”
We say “Never Again!” Let’s greet these fascists with a huge, broad-based, multi-hued, multi-gendered counter-demonstration!
The NSM is a national Nazi party whose program calls for building a nation of all-whites, free of immigrants, Jews, homosexuals, and “pro-Marxist unions”, where abortion is a crime and fathers rule the nuclear family. In the last two years, their new Riverside, CA chapter has flaunted swastika flags outside a Jewish temple on Hanukkah; patrolled the U.S./Mexico border, boasting they were “armed up”; and held two anti-immigrant protests, claiming they are “standing up for American workers.” Each of these racist rallies was outnumbered and foiled by hundreds of Inland Empire counter-demonstrators.
Hitler himself said the Nazis could have been stopped when they were just small bands of thugs attacking unionists in Germany. Let’s not let these white supremacists get a foot-hold in California. ¡Civil rights, Sí! ¡Fascismo, No!
Gather at 11:00am at First and Spring, on the sidewalk at the Southwest corner of the City Hall block (NSM has a permit for noon at the south lawn of City Hall.). Bring your friends and neighbors, your picket signs and noise-making pots and pans, and take a stand against bigotry!
Letter initiated by Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women
Signed by:
AFSCME 2626, Librarian’s Guild, & Roy Stone, President
Kevin Akin, CA. State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party & Cindy Henderson, P. & F. P Candidate, State Senate District 26
J.T. Anderson, AIDS activist
Rev. Jay Atkinson, Minister Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City
Arbeter Ring (Workmen’s Circle)
Ruth Barrett, High Priestess Emeritus, Circle of Aradia
Sonia Bautista, President REFORMA, L.A. Chapter
Marie Cartier, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Gender & Women’s Studies, Cal State Northridge
Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid/Southern CA.
Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Ida B. Wells Institute
Melissa Chiprin, Civil Rights Advocate
Circulo Mictlanxiuhcoatl
Coalición Trans Latina
Equal Action
Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN), L.A.
Angelica Garcia /Julia Wallace, Labor’s Militant Voice, Organizers in LA March 4 Committee
Alice Goff, President AFSCME 3090*
Here to Stay Coalition
International Socialist Organization
James Lafferty, Executive Director National Lawyers Guild/LA
Puerto Rican Alliance
Cantor Steven Puzarne, Breeyah
T Santora, President, CWA 9000
Hannah Schwadron, PhD student, UC Riverside*
Southern CA. Communist Party USA
*For identification only

ODATE, JAPAN - AUGUST 06:  In this handout ima...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I think it is time to post this because it is seeming that I am not writing a poem a day, while I am.


youth and joy feed joy and youth
like a living plant, pliant, agile

my love brings me, pleading
grace and knowledge

that my song gives me

my rhythm swells, its core, heart,
and my love is true to me

I am happy with his songs for me,
his verses set
versus mine, his sweet complaint,
his entreaties
but what really pleases me
is his love,
more desire than…

listen only

to the one who knows one often picks the blooms,
only to wander the denuded garden, astray,

a straw in the stream,

to me:
love face to face,
lie rhythm to song,
press bloom to page

voice maintains

I sing but I don’t want to.
I want to drum beauty, snap presence, celebrate senses;
I would rather show mercy than the blues,
but I am only bitter that I am better at loving than you.
you cannot make me beloved.

word or welcome leads you astray,
to part from me, but I got you with rhythm,
Remember our business.

If this song isn’t beautiful, let it be my message:
why are you so cruel, so far apart, that I must beat a drum,
rather than drop a rhythm into your ear?


Respond to me, until the real one comes along,
simple and sweet, returning your love.

But you don't chance a love song
will she ever come along?

Love hasn't taken control
if she can't reveal her love first.

She should come along.

Do fools love?
Until then, I'll speak to you,
sit close and hold you,
but limit myself to this.


I got you with a song of mine.
Who wouldn't do the same?

I hear that song again.
Do you hear that song again?
Yes, but I'm not singing it,
that song which made us fall in love.

I got you with a song of mine.
Who wouldn't do the same?

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SAMMY CAHN (1913-1993), the Academy- and Emmy-Award-winning lyricist of many of the standards commonly referred to as the “Great American Songbook,” as well as the writer who “put more words into Frank Sinatra’s mouth than any other,” was very vocal in his disagreement with the policy that writers are not able to copyright the titles of their compositions.
> In honor of the upcoming centenary of his birth in 2013, and with a loving wink at his titular annoynace, Dr. Gilbert L. Gigliotti of Central Connecticut State University is soliciting new poems, flash fiction, flash non-fiction, and micro-plays, each with the same title as one of his song lyrics.  The new pieces need not refer to the songwriter’s lyrics nor be similar in theme or style to the originals; the editor only seeks a variety of literary approaches toward – and treatments of – Cahn’s titles. Among some of his most widely recognizable songs include Call Me Irresponsible, Come Fly With Me, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, and Until the Real Thing Comes Along — just to name a very few.
> Please send your submission by 1 July 2010 to gigliotti@ccsu.edu or:
> Dr. Gilbert L. Gigliotti
> Department of English
> Central Connecticut State University
> 1615 Stanley Street
> New Britain, CT 06050