Brock-Broido emulates Moore in her partial and particular NOTES.



happening all around...
very strange call from Opinion One Surveys that said

americans, have you moticed the tea party that's going on around our country? something about the government -- huh?


Mary Aldis


You say I touch the barberries

As a lover his mistress?

What a curious fancy!

One must be delicate, you know—

They have bitter thorns.

You say my hand is hurt?

Oh no, it was my breast,

It was crushed and pressed.

I mean—why yes, of course, of course—

There is a bright drop—isn't there?—

Right on my finger;

Just the color of a barberry,

But it comes from my heart.

Do you love barberries?

In the autumn

When the sun's desire

Touches them to a glory of crimson and gold?

I love them best then.

There is something splendid about them:

They are not afraid

Of being warm and glad and bold;

They flush joyously,

Like a cheek under a lover's kiss;

They bleed cruelly

Like a dagger wound in the breast;

They flame up madly for their little hour,

Knowing they must die.

Do you love barberries?