Leslie Scalapino:

writer of political poetry
writer of poetry of extreme observation

publisher of same

quote thru Laura Hinton:
"One 'has to' leave formation, not be in formation." LS


Artist and Music Lineup Announced
Bring a blanket and enjoy the show!

An eclectic group of artists and musicians headlined by Guadalajara-based artist collective, Homeless, will perform at the first Outpost Cup tournament and fundraiser on June 6. Whether its playing or watching soccer, watching performances and interacting with artists, listening to music, picnicking or strolling on the beautiful and hidden hiking trails that are part of Vista Hermosa park and next to the soccer field, this public event offers something to everyone.

As part of a series of music and artist performances that will punctuate the Cup's soccer tournament, Mexican art collective Homeless plans to play a soccer game between "dictators" and "guerrillas."

Other scheduled performers include Singer Erika Miranda; Artists Karen Anzoategui, Irina Contreras. Kwik (Megan Wilson and Eliza Barrios), Reanne Estrada, Rebeca Hernandez, The Egg, Gordon Winiemko, and Jenn and the Lemonade Biker Gang; and DJs Alejandro Cohen of Dublab and Alex Mendieta.

The day will be animated by MC Anthea Raymond and announcers John Ramey and Jennifer Doyle.

The "Copa de Outpost" is hand-crafted by artists Carolyn Castaño and Reanne Estrada.

The Outpost Cup will run from 8AM to 6PM, June 6, at Vista Hermosa Park, 100 North Toluca Street in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. (The park is on First Street west of the 110 (Harbor Freeway) between Beaudry and Glendale Blvd.)

For more information, go to southamerica.outpost-art.org

The core of the event is a series of eight-on-eight soccer games, with teams classed as either competitive or casual, featuring artists, neighborhood groups, business people and others. The event also will feature food and drink from local vendors and food trucks, including Monsieur Egg and Coolhaus, all in the striking Vista Hermosa Park overlooking downtown Los Angeles. Suggested donation for attendees is $3, which gives the donor a discount ticket for food purchases from sponsor Coolhaus.

This event is made possible with the support of Woodbury University, Niky's Sports, The Oinkster, The York, Sustainarealty, Echo Park Remax, and Café de Leche with special thanks to Bret Nicely, Dublab, Sidestreet Projects, F8 F11- Amy Tierney Photography, Daniel Morales and Youth Empowered through Scholastic Sports Services (Y.E.S.S.S.), Occidental College, Los Angeles City Councilmember Eric Garcetti, District 13, the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Echo Park Recreation Center, and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Event proceeds will help bring South American artists to Los Angeles for extended residencies. The first residency, scheduled for this fall, will involve Grupo Bijari, the Sao Paulo-based artist collective that designed the Outpost Cup logo.

About Outpost for Contemporary Art
Outpost for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization devoted to connecting people to art and artists from around Los Angeles and around the world through a wide variety of events, exchange programs and residencies. Contributions to Outpost are tax deductible under section 501( c )3 of the IRS code. Outpost’s headquarters is located at 1268 North Ave. 50, Los Angeles, CA, 90042. For more information, go to www.outpost-art.org, call (323) 899-3533 or email info@outpost-art.org

For more information about the Outpost Cup, please email Julie Deamer at julie@outpost-art.org. or visit: outpost-art.org.
The question is, Ian Hamilton Finlay's Little Sparta, degraded by the popularity of words on rocks? But there were words on rocks in Olson's Dogtown (that I used in Kittenhood...)


from very like a whale, my answers to...

The internet, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, iPad, iPod, podcasts, digital video and who knows what else. What do they all mean for the poet qua poet? For Poetry? Is it still pretty much where the Gutenberg press left it? Is Poetry technology-proof? In our fearless ongoing quest to exploit other people’s wisdom on poetry-related subjects, we are posing ten questions to a group of illustrious contemporary poets on this topic. This week’s responder is Ren Powell.

1. Characterize your general attitude as a poet towards technology.

2. Do you use Facebook in your capacity as a poet? If so, how, and what are its upsides and downsides? If not, why not?

3. Do you use Twitter in your capacity as a poet? If so, how, and what are its upsides and downsides? If not, why not?

4. What other technologies – including blogs, websites and podcasts – do you employ in your capacity as a poet? Explain how, and the upsides and downsides of each. If none, explain why.

5. What do you dislike most about how other poets use technology?

6. What do you like most about how other poets use technology?

7. Technology is enabling poets today to take poetry off the page in ways that were previously inconceivable. Either comment on this piece by Tom Knoyves or provide a link to and comments on a different piece of work that uses technology to take the poem off the page.

8. Do you use technology as an integral element of your poetry? If so, how? If not, why not?


9. What has technology done for or to Poetry?

10. What should Poetry do with or about technology that it has not yet done?


Piano accordion; Weltmeister, 48 bass, 3 reed-rowsImage via Wikipedia

the poem written by the audience at Beyond Baroque Friday, May 21, 2010

"accordion" is what I call it but I didn't write it or transcribe it too well, not nearly as well as I planned, because among other things that clever Sarah Maclay chose a really long phrase and I was counting on people choosing words or short phrases... excuse... excuse... it does SOUND like her ;)

yes, I'll haunt you and you and I'll spank you
songs mean make life sex
Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam
eyes like agriculture, more like frenzy
don't shoot
roll it out roll it out
my wild Irish rose
my rings, buns, rolls
since we've known...
open to suggestion
I once knew you
Lady of Spain I love you

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Vico attempts to always let "the true" emerge out of "the certain" through innumerable stories and anecdotes drawn mostly from the history of Greece and Rome and from the Bible. Here, reason does not attempt to overcome the poetic dimension of life and speech, but to moderate its impulses so as to safeguard civil life.


my intro from Friday, courtesy of Brendan Constantine

Catherine Daly is the mother of modern psychology.

She first came to Los Angeles in 1911, as young man, with hopes of entering the motion picture business. She would ultimately go on to become six of the legendary "nine old men" of Walt Disney Studios.

She is the author of six books of poetry, two e-books, and has three books forthcoming. All of her books are available here this evening. She has asked me to mention that if you buy one, "you get the gold one free."

This means that your first book cannot be "the gold one." It's called LOCKET.

Ladies & Gentlemen, all the way from Honduras, it's Catherine Daly.