is the modernist New Woman the female "renaissance man"? i.e., a product of humanism but also some leisure afforded some women by the industrial revolution....
is the modernist New Woman the female "renaissance man"? i.e., a product of humanism but also some leisure afforded some women by the industrial revolution....
this I used for part of 2D&I, but fell short

I. The whole composition must be permeated with a protracted and wordy
exposition of the initial plan.

II. Terms are to be included for conceptions that, except in this definition, appear
nowhere in the whole book.

III. Conceptual distinctions laboriously arrived at in the text are to be obliterated
again in the relevant notes.

IV. For concepts treated only in their general significance, examples should be
given; if, for example, machines are mentioned, all the different kinds of machines
should be enumerated.

V. Everything that is known a priori about an object is to be consolidated by an
abundance of examples.

VI. Relationship that could be represented graphically must be expounded in
words. Instead of being represented in a genealogical tree, for example, all family
relationships are to be enumerated and described.

VII. A number of opponents all sharing the same argument should each be refuted

The typical work of modern scholarship is intended to be read like a catalogue.
But when shall we actually write books like catalogues?

this is for identity theft



what's wrong with the address?

yes this is the one -- which would be easy to paint and remove or thin
the eyebrows, and another couple of easy adding curb appeal things --
the first one has more curb appeal

they seem to have forgotten their indoor / outdoor flow lessons after buff died
This is the Buff house 2016 sf, 13,000+ lot.


Conrad Buff, a local painter (we have a tiny study he painted) -- his son was an rchitect


oh right -- they bought it lst year as a fixer -- did we see it then?
didn't fix it, claiming the den as bed 3, now want 150000 more

I thought it had a pool -- was that another Buff on the market? seems
to me we saw tons more pics of this at one time?

here's one previous listing -- with a picture of a floating wood
staircase (not the kind you liked in that other house, thought this
one isn't covered in carpet) and some white carpet; reveals no garage
but a carport, and that the house is right on the road


Halverson Residence #1, 1959. Set carefully into the slope, this
example of the firm's classic post & beam architecture is designed for
living within the dramatic views afforded by the close-in hillside
location. Expanding the scope of their celebrated Case Study House
#20, the Halverson House served as a model for their later two-story
hillside homes. Public spaces open to a wide entertaining view deck.
Offered in nearly original condition, the residence includes; 2
bedrooms, 3 baths, office, den & a later Hensman designed lower-level
guest suite/studio workspace with bath.

1) it is the very top of multiview far far away, but it seems the
experience of this house would be midcentury fixer in a classic LA
Architect-designed house on the very top of a very very sought after
sunset strip / hwood locale, and I can make that trade

2) can we trigger a city inspection of the basement, and if it doesn't
pass permits, can't be brought to code, offer 1.295 (what they paid)?
since this is the architects first house, and the basement was redone
by one of the original architects, I suspect that the foundation
idctates something which is no longer legal (or never was) down there

3) ditto with Andre's pool guy, to see if that peninsula of land or
any other piece of the (steep in back) parcel can actually have a pool
on it, seismically, expense-wise? [maybe it was another Buff -- it had
a lap pool on a deck off the lr, I thought]; this lot is steep & the
house is situated right next to multiview (meaning I think it is
probably an elevated walkway to the pool / a flat area on the lot
situation) -- or a lily pad deck situation (no pool)

4) the box on front is I think some sort of antiquated secutity system
-- the house next to st. brendan's also had one smack on the front
before they renovated; what a terrible mailbox!

even with only two proper bedrooms, since there are 2 or 3 office
spaces, this could work for us

we would need some sort of shed or something for storage or maybe
there is one -- I know, but think about it -- there's no garage,
basement, or attic