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new in the nice to have book file: Fioretta: A Tale of Italy by Betty Thorpe, approx 1921

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, super sex spy "Cynthia"

more info -- published in HAWAII, illustrated by Don Blanding

Fioretta (O Cessate di Piagarmi); A Tale of Italy
Written by Betty Thorpe (age 11)
Honolulu Publishing Company, Limited, Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory, hardback, 63 pages
Blanding painted a full-color portrait on cover, as well as black & white decorations throughout
I wanted to let you know that the LA Art Girls are
presenting a performative panel discussion this
Wednesday, August 16th at Dangerous Curve gallery from
7-9pm. (see calendar below!)
1020 East Fourth Place (500 Molino Street #102)
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A


We will be discussing (over dinner) who and what the
LA Art Girls are...and we may also address some ideas
and questions about feminism today...with the many
varied voices of the LA Art Girls, this promises to be
quite an interesting evening. I hope you can join us!
All the details are below!



The LA Art Girls evolved from informal gatherings,
which started in 2004, as a means of encouraging
discourse on contemporary art and as a way to
introduce artists to other artists. The intentions of
the LA Art Girls are to provide inspiration, support,
dialogue and feedback to one another. As a body, LA
Art Girls recognizes the autonomy of its members and
resists the articulation of a coherent group identity
or central theme. The group strives to be a voluntary
and non-hierarchical gathering of practices. While the
LA Art Girls started as a discussion group, it has
evolved to embody a variety of different roles. The LA
Art Girls have made collective artworks, we have shown individual work in group shows, we have curated shows, hosted panel discussions, and soon, a radio show. The LA Art Girls have done projects with QED gallery, Anna Helwing Gallery, The Getty Center, and LACE. Upcoming projects include a Radio Show for KBCH in Long Beach, and a group exhibition in the project room at Angles. While there are over 30 members of the LA Art Girls at this time, a lesser number participates in the collaborative projects on a self-selecting basis.


The New New School Two-Week Summer Intensive
at Dangerous Curve an Experimental Exhibition and Live Art/Visual Art Performance Space

1020 East Fourth Place (500 Molino Street #102)
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

We're located at 1020 East Fourth Place, between
Molino and Mateo Streets, in the back of the 500
Molino Street Lofts, #102, between the Fourth Street
Bridge's (on the LA River side of downtown) two on/off
See our website for directions, pictures, and updates.

Summer Intensive Schedule

AUGUST 16th: THE LA ART GIRLS!!! The LA Art Girls, a non-competitive collective of 30+ women, will have a "Dinner Party," so that they may present their work and collective activities, along with discussions about being a female, and an artist, in Los Angeles. Yes, you get to participate in this one! They promise treats and surprises.

August 17th: Justin Hansch, founder/director of
Justin's Museum of Contemporary Art (JMOCA), an
exhibition place based in and around Hansch's Los
Angeles home, will expound on the inevitability of collaboration, friendship in the arts, and the role of the accessory in artistic production.

August 18th: Music Night. Bands TBA curated by Oscar
Santos. Check for updates. $5-10.00 sliding scale
fundraiser for the school.

August 19th: Beer Can Races! Beer Can Racers are an
outrageous new sport sweeping the nation! John Knuth
will lead a workshop on how you, too, can build and
race your own beer-can-powered racecars. Build your
very own car and learn the official rules of the race.
If you can, bring a own coping saw, hammer, and a
six-pack of beer, in cans. Patent pending.

August 20th: Tired of being told your performance art
is boring and self-indulgent? Don't want to be
"theatrical"? Learn some body awareness techniques
that will make you much more watchable, without
compromising your visual artist's concept. Do some
simple Kundalini Yoga to get your brain in creativity
mode. Then do some art with ArsFidelis !

August 21st: Jamie Chan and Jasmine Little will talk
about their "untitled (title TBA)" AKA "Giant Rock
Fort II," their artist residency program that will be
inside the gallery at Dangerous Curve for duration of
the NNS summer intensive. They're building a fort-like structure equipped with amenities and supplies for making work, sleeping, drinking/eating, poker tournaments, etc. You can apply for a 24-hour slot to inhabit the fort. Email jamiec5@ucla.edu with the date you prefer and a short description of your past work.

August 22nd: Mark Allen, an artist, educator, curator,
and founder/director of Machine Project , a non-profit performance/installation space for art, technology, natural history, science, and poetry, will discuss Machine's illustrious history, fantastical events, and mysterious collaborators, the creation, care, and feeding of non-profit and post-profit art spaces, the informal and semi-formal education of artists and other interested parties.

August 23rd: Hannah Greely, preeminent sculptor, will
be presenting three short videos and a textunder the
theme of tyranny enabling creative freedom, including
"The Subconcious Art of Graffiti Removal" by
award-winning filmmaker Matt McCormick. Alex Black, a
musician and graduate of UCLA in anthropology, will
discuss internet ephemera, specifically videos
collected from the websites Youtube and Revver.

August 24th: Tif Sigfrids, a UCLA alum, artist and
musician, will lead a workshop on wood burning
techniques. Tim Quinn, co-director of Dangerous Curve,
will lead a workshop on recursive Sculpey techniques.
Anna Kim, installation artist, will lead a "stretch
your toesies" workshop. There'll also be a
feet-pampering station with different herbal baths.

August 25th: Music Night. Bands TBA curated by Oscar
Santos. Check for updates. $5-10.00 sliding scale
fundraiser for the school.

September 1st: Music Night/Dance Party. Bands TBA
curated by Oscar Santos. Check for updates. $5-10.00
sliding scale fundraiser for the school.

September 2nd: Wrap up with a Rachel Mason lecturing
on the history of Hapsburg family, a video screening
of documentation of the summer intensive, and a panel discussion with TBA. Visit for updates/changes and subscribe to our email list to get announcements.


while there are some top secret exchanges about juvenal, juvenalia and JUVINILIA,

bookfinder Jessica and find:

Jungle Law or Human Reason? The North Atlantic Pact and What it Means to You
Katherine Howard
New World Review: Lenin Centenary Issue, Winter 1970
People Come First
Soviet Democracy and How it Works
The American people want peace; a survey of public opinion.
Voices of Tomorrow
A Family of Peoples, the USSR After 50 Years
Fabulous Eleanor
Hungary in travail.
Jungle Law Or Human Reason
Katherine Howard (The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Book 5)
Katherine Howard [The 6 Wives of Henry VIII Series, No. 5]
Mistress Parr's Four Husbands
Soviet Russia Today
Soviet Russia Today - Vol. 18, No. 8, August 1950
SOVIET RUSSIA TODAY July 1937 [Vol. 6, No. 5]
SOVIET RUSSIA TODAY June 1937 [Vol. 6, No. 4]
Soviet Russia Today Vol. 11 no. 10 February 1943
Soviet Russia Today Vol. 11 no. 4 August 1942
Soviet Russia Today, Vol. 17, No. 8, December 1948.
Soviet Russia Today. Volume 16, No. 8 (December 1947)
The King and Catherine
what rearming Germany means
Woman In Soviet Russia
Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Learning to Write Differently: Beginning Writers and Word Processing (Language & Educational Processes S.)
Bechtel, Marilyn, Laibman, David & Smith, Jessica
Six Decades That Changed the World: the U.S.S.R. After 60 Years
Mason, Daniel & Smith, Jessica, editors
Lenin's Impact on the United States
Jennifer Watts
Edward Weston: A Legacy
Paul Edwards
Pergolas, Arbours and Arches: Their History and How to Make Them
Jessica Carroll
Billy the Punk