Hi. I’m trying to revive my looooong defunct website and never quite started presses, e.g. and i.e. (California woman-owned small businesses).

Here’s my idea: want to edit an anthology? I would like to upload your anthology of public domain (pre-1923, that is, 1922 or before, poetry or poetry from which you have permissions, or translations of your own) poetry, along with your editorial essay or intro (formal or informal) in .pdf format. Pick and choose your favorite red dress poems, poems by women whose names begin with “M,” poems written on Monday – send me a copy text or links to make a copy text, and we’ll, in the fullness of editorial time, make it free and printable online. Or maybe even print some up.

Chapbooks, same deal, except if you ever want to take them down (say, subsequent publication), I will. Juvenilia also welcome.

All best,

Catherine Daly

I was thinking of this writing about Piaf, baptised but denied a funeral; was woken up this am (by a friend who gave me a Piaf tape kinda by accident a few years ago) -- seems a friend's mom -- estranged, not allowed to attend the wedding, what I've heard of her is mysterious -- died three weeks ago, but the news managed to make its way to rural New Hampshire (!) to reach some Angelinos (!) on vacation, certainly from their NYC-area estranged relatives; how sad, to be in the morgue that long, my great aunt was

funeral mass -- as we all know, this person or that person was "denied a funeral mass" for whatever reason including cremation

Those who have chosen cremation may receive a Christian Funeral Rite, unless their choice for cremation reflects a denial of the resurrection of the body and the immortality of the soul

oh, right, we're rising bodily -- I had forgotten --

The cremated remains are to be treated with the same respect given to the corporeal remains of the body. The cremated remains should be entombed in a mausoleum or columbarium; they may also be buried in a common grave in a cemetery. The practices of scattering cremated remains on the sea, from the air, or on the ground or keeping cremated remains in a home are not the reverent disposition that the Church requires.


herriette wilson changes names:

Duke de Lerma Earl of Stair
Sir Violet Sigh-away Sir Henry Mildmay
Mr. Soso Captain Gronow
Mr. Satirical Harmless Sir Frank Hall Standish
Mr. Fox Mr. Reynolds
The Armenian General Armenteros
Lord Chatterbox Earl of Clanricarde
Mr. Squibb Mr. Stawb
Three Clock-cases The Lygons
Mr. Bellfield Col. Rochfort
Prince Stroll-about Prince Esterhazy
Mac Griffin Prince Mac Gregor
Mr. Boot-jack Mr. Livius
Mrs. Brawney Be-at-them Mrs. Brereton
Mrs. Teaze-all Mrs. Dun
Lady Sin-enough Lady Bolingbroke
Lady Top-knot Lady Hyde Parker
The Brussels Heroine Mrs. Lewis, alias Tomkins, alias, La Presidente (i.e., salonnierre Sabatier)

saveur du ketchup simulee!