typing in PEN West e-mails for a mailing re: LOCKET

discovered Marcia Arrieta's poems thus far -- ignored so cal innovative poet --
there goes my retirement plan:

Minister Calls on Artists to Speak out on Tax ExemptionPLEASE FORWARD TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! -----Original Message-----
From: Niamh Looney [mailto:niamh@sculptors-society.ie]
Sent: 13 May 2005 15:57
To: Niamh Looney
Subject: Minister Calls on Artists to Speak out on Tax Exemption

Minister calls on artists to speak out on tax exemption

On Tuesday 11 May at the launch of Irelands participation at the Venice Biennale Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism John O'Donoghue called on artists to voice their opinion in regard to the ongoing debate on the Artists Tax Exemption scheme.

In his speech the Minister made it clear that he recognised the value of the current scheme but acknowledged the concerns of those who were calling for a cap to be placed on the scheme.

The Minister explicitly called on artists to make their views known to him and suggested that in order for him to make a stronger case for the retention of the scheme he needed to hear from individual practitioners in regard to the value that they place on the scheme.

The Sculptors' Society of Ireland has made its submission to the Department of Finance and the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism. The SSI urges you the artists' community to also make your views known to the Minister regarding the Artists Tax Exemption scheme.

For full background information on the scheme and to view the submission made by the Sculptors' Society of Ireland visit our web site on www.sculptors-society.ie.

You can contact the minister by writing to:

John O'Donoghue TD
Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism
Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism,
23 Kildare Street, Dublin 2 and
Frederick Buildings, South Frederick St, Dublin 2

Or by email on: artsunit@dast.gov.ie


did find out how to do a plaster freize with wallboard compound -- finally! hooray! we have one that needs repair and FOUR rooms that need replacements


but seriously, one of the best reviews I got of DaDaDa was written by Kevin McGowin. I just learned he died suddenly in January:

I was looking up to send him LOCKET and read this:

Eclectica's Review Editor died suddenly on January 18th of this year, and because of that we must address a very serious deficiency in the Review section. Kev did a lot of the work, and now we a have void there to fill. So we need book reviewers.

But that is not the most important part of this note, not why it needed to be written. Kevin died on a sidewalk, choking and alone, while people were aware of his pain but passed it by. I'm not sure what we are supposed to learn from Kevin's death that we should not have learned a thousand times before. All I know is that we are only here for fifteen minutes, for a split second really, and there is no time to wait for a better day, better weather, better clothes, better scheduling. You only have this moment right now. You only have this. Kevin was taking a leap of faith, was moving cross country, was venturing out with his writing, he was going to take a chance. He was turning a corner, and that was good. It was long overdue. But then he was gone.



His blog is still up


found looking for replacement freizes -- Maryane Den Bok reportedly had the house firebombed -- whatever, but the reize in the dining room is damaged, and it has been removed from the front hall and living room (along with the moudling below it)


this was about a panel I'm assembling, but:

But the whole idea of nodding to multiculturalism through tokenism is a bit revolting to me.

The PIP anthology includes at least three African-American So Cal residents, Coleman, Alexander, and Mullen. Generally, the more typical anthologies, if they include one of the three, include only Coleman. The formal / academics don't include Mullen, although she uses constraint, blues stanza, and is an academic. Why? I dunno.
from a site for ecards, I couldn't resist:

Thank You Mother
Sweet Mother

God Knew Mother

Being My Mother
Worlds Best Mother

Mother like a Rose
Mother Rainbows

Magical Mother Recipe
Mother My Angel By My Side

Mothers Angel Wings
Son to Mother Hugs

Daughter to Mother Hugs
Magical Family Love for Mother

Shelter In Mothers Wings
Mother Bank on Family Love

Shining Light Mother
Thoughtfulness of Mother?

Wise Mothers Eyes
Mothers Bloom

Heart of Gold Mother
Angels all aglow

Mother destined an Angel
When a Mother needs love

Destined a Mother
Mother always there for Me

While Julia Ward Howe's mother's day was a pacifist gesture, and the source of American Mother's Day is Congress 1914 recognition of "the woman's role in the family," the fascist governments of many European countries began the celebration in an attempt to bolster birthrates (after WWI and ramping up to WWII) and emphasize a traditional, home-based role for women who had newly won the vote and tended to vote liberal.

The association of the mother with the cult of the Virgin Mary, especially in Southern France, is particularly ironic.