ith only two quarterbacks on the roster heading into the draft, the Eagles were expected to snag a developmental mid-round quarterback at some point during the three-day extravaganza. They did indeed get their man in the multi-talented Mike Kafka from Northwestern with the 122th overall selection, the 22nd pick in the fourth round.

Kafka is obviously coming into Philadelphia to be a backup, which is something he's done before. He only started his final season at Northwestern after sitting behind C.J. Bacher for his first three seasons, but in that one season Kafka led the Big Ten in passing yards (263.8 yards per game) and was named to the All-Big-Ten second team. Kafka, 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, is also a threat on the ground, as he ran for 891 yards in his Northwestern career - including a 2008 game against Minnesota when he ran for 217 yards.

So coming out of Northwestern, the most intellectual Big 10, he's sure to know his cockroaches.... more soon...

Translational research is another term for translative research and translational science.

It is used to translate research findings into practice; to apply research results -- increasing ROI.
Linguistic Turn: A group show of language-based art from the 1960's and 1970's
8568 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

August 21st - September 25th
August 21st 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


According to the historian Richard Goldthwaite, Vasari was one of the earliest authors to use the word "competition" (or "concorrenza") in Italian in its economic sense.

has anybody commented about how much these look like Bacon Popes? rather than weird Vargas girls?



Letter, Word, Text, Image

In our overwhelmingly visual culture, how is the role of text and typography evolving? Artist and designer Rebeca Méndez will engage her audience in a provocative examination of word and image, and their intersection, drawing on works created by artists and designers throughout the 20th century. These include Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, and László Moholy-Nagy, as well as contemporary artists such as Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari, Ed Rusha, Gran Fury, Richard Long and designers such as Michael Amzalag & Mathias Augustyniak of M/M Paris, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman of Calligraffiti, Linda van Deursen, Machine, Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Stephan Sagmeister and Shepard Fairey. After her lecture Méndez, will host a hands-on workshop focusing on combining words and images, with the goal of developing the clarity of intention in choosing an image and a typeface not just for its readability, but also for its broader field of visual correlations. Students will create posters and compile their work into a booklet, by learning a simple bookbinding technique. Supported by the Visions & Voices Arts and Humanities Initiative.


when neo-flaneur copywriting goes bad:

The Foundry on Melrose is sophisticated yet relaxed, like a millionaire who has taken the night off from throwing rotten fruit at orphans and is instead having his servants do it. Becoming sophisticated is as easy as a trip to the monocle shop and a quick stop by the haberdashery to pick out a top hat or a live, hair-nesting pheasant.


what is needed in discussions of literary journals now is something akin to a debate about "slow food"

is the print journal the "slow food" of contemporary publishing?

is the lit journal is the sunday dinner and nap to the in and out burger of online writing and criticism?

Sarah Giragosian, Jennifer Karmin, Maryrose Larkin: Yes!
Thursday, August 26 @ 7:30pm
Social Justice Center
33 Central Avenue
Albany, NY

Sarah Giragosian earned an MFA in poetry from Boston University. She has
interned as an assistant editor at Boston Review and recently had the
opportunity to assist Professor Robert Shaw with editing his text, Blank Verse:
A Guide to its History and Use, published through Ohio University Press. Her
work has appeared in The New York Times. She is a PhD candidate at SUNY Albany.

Jennifer Karmin’s text-sound epic, Aaaaaaaaaaalice,...was published by Flim
Forum Press in 2010. She curates the Red Rover Series and is co-founder of the
public art group Anti Gravity Surprise. Her multidisciplinary projects have been
presented at festivals, artist-run spaces, community centers, and on city
streets across the U.S., Japan, and Kenya. A proud member of the Dusie
Kollektiv, she is the author of the Dusie chapbook Evacuated: Disembodying
Katrina. Walking Poem, a collaborative street project, is featured online at
How2. In Chicago, Jennifer teaches creative writing to immigrants at Truman
College and works as a Poet-in-Residence for the public schools.

Maryrose Larkin lives in Portland, Oregon, where she works as a freelance
researcher. She is the author of Inverse (nine muses books, 2006), Whimsy
Daybook 2007 (FLASH+CARD, 2006), The Book of Ocean (i.e. press, 2007) and DARC
(FLASH+CARD, 2009. Larkin is one of the organizsers of Spare Room, a
Portland-based writing collective, and is co-editor, with Sarah Mangold, of
FLASH+CARD, a chapbook and ephemera poetry press. Her new book, The Name of This
Intersection is Frost, is forthcoming from Shearsman Books.