chimney 16K
furnace ducting 700
will it trigger furnace replacement? 3K
electrical est 2500
220 for electric dryer: $___

pipes -- wait until leak, 2-5 yrs, then $6K + oppt'y to repermit baths
cheap furnace filter? HEPA too expensive? even w/ tax-d w/ doctor's note?
no air, no elect for air
and talk about reading and getting too many associations -- like listening to Carla Harryman read about CAT and Caterpiller (big factory in my hometown):

stand at attention, and.
Purple snake stands out on
Porcelain tiles. The idea
Is the thing. Skewed by design....

beginning of Progress

Here, I think of my current bathroom, which is a large room with purple tile about 6 feet up. There's a crack just below my eye level around most of the room, but the crack is interrupted at a plaque of six tiles with pink and purple fish (and bubbles) in the shower / above the tub.
ho, the tracking for the blog is totally off -- says I never post and that no one ever visits.

the more important thing I'm adding here today is projects other than Index of Last Lines that the search to select poems & current readings has uncovered:

Coleridge Word Hoard (from the science writings, not the poems)
p'haps w/ other stuff

the lotus poems -- I think this may be morphing a bit, but I got excited about them again when reading THE CONSTRUCTIVIST MOVEMENT last night -- as you know, I was a mostly Lotus Notes "architect" (I like the name), will look up BASIC and poems and VB bible, and perhaps the LotusScript dictionary, too.

So, I read page 1 and was reminded of / got more on about THREE OR FOUR projects --
so my mild -- not dislexia -- mostly name & name of thing thing -- is based mostly on initial letter / name, initial part of a compond, etc. Thus all Bobs are Bob [whatever first name of a Bob I know], all people with the initials SS are likely to be the same person... etc.

ACLA line up: myself, "Catherine Daly," Susan Schultz (sometimes Susan W. Schultz, sometimes Susan M. Schultz) of TINFISH publishing fame (check out the books during the HOLIDAY SALE), Walter K. Lew (the only Walter I know), and Deborah Meadows, whose surname is quite difficult for me to remember, unfortunately.

Like all tics (I get an eye tic too & so have been wearing my glasses mostly for about a year now, which seems to help), this increases in tmies of stress.

Post 9/11, getting a tow truck on the Universal lot is like -- I dunno -- invading Poland.

The problem causing voluminous white smoke from the 98 Green Mustang Convertible -- causing some distress & discomfort through the Sepulveda Pass on the 405 AND at the 170 - 101 junction is NOT a blown head gasket!!! Thank heavens, because there's no way I can get a new car this year if this house pulls through. Charlie's Garage is handling it.

Lido (Lazaro Lido) of Lido Plumbing sez he'd wait until the galvantized pipe starts leaking to replace it & get all three bathrooms permitted. He sez new sump pump, valve on water heater, and new shower upstairs, at $3000. Pipe & inspection, when the time comes, abt 5-6K. Others have told us not to wait for a leak! advice which I am inclined to agree with, since leaks are a pain and cause mold, which my beloved is allergic to.

The whole porch, which we figure has been enclosed for at least 50 years, is so illegal that when the chmney permit, furnace permit, and eventuual bathrooms permit inspectors out, we need a special invisible cloak for the whole thing (enclosure caused a lovely windowless interior room).

Furnace by noon!


Many people don't already have free adobe acrobat reader installed!!! What? Don't they read e-books? Anything online? It has only been around for a dozen years. GET A CLUE. DOWNLOAD IT. Go ahead. You can survice the Adobe ad splashscreen five times a day, can't you?


interesting because the whole "conference" thing is marketing anyway, as is the whole "traditional rivalry" thing, and half the extra games are outside the conference & that's how schools like Virginia Tech and CSU - Fresno try to get into conferences, and thus into the playoffs

But I think mostly a change in society -- I see the danger, especially of "celebrity" -- but that's been there now for twenty years --

The time when the top students, top athletes chose from the top regional schools (like you did) is nearly gone; the closest I think is probably here in California or in New York where the public colleges really are very good and dirt cheapm, except that those considerations don't generally hold for the top students / top athletes.

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Academics against additional games called 'play-offs'. Afraid it reeks of commercialism. Caught in a squeeze. They're dying to find another term or method so they can get the money. Fans for playoffs. Coaches for them.A Ds for 'em. University presidents and chancellors divided. Me? I think everyone should drop a game from their regular schedule (most school have gone from 8,9 & 10 games to 11 or 12 in the past 10-15 years) (money?) and go for the play-offs. They can still have their conference play-offs to determine champs there as well.
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Subject: unrelated to house...
We were wondering if YOU had an opinion about BCS rankings or the prior "coach and journalist voting" system to rank college teams.
Why not have a playoff, since that's pretty much what they have now, with the crazy rotating bowl games?
XO Kasia
inspection blog

Boston Brick & Stone are THE chimney people, but they only install retro-fittable wood burning fp; this has to be done w/ the entire rebuilding of our chimney, but a wood burning fp firebox is 6 inches deeper than a gas fp and we want gas

will have to stratighten out, p'haps with gas fp specialists

need an HVAC guy for remedy to furnace venting through chimney (which requires rebuilding) ,cost of allergy filter on heat, install of (filtered) AC venting through furnace vents

electrician -- Mick Paskus. His baileywick (SP) is that old cloth covered wires don't need replacing -- we need an upgrade from ceramic fuses -- only 2500 but we also need dryer 220 and AC line, and it looks like we have some overamped circuits. a plug in each bathroom (currently none) is a nice to have, but I can get that by adding pulg & switches or with fixtures with plugs. If the electrical can take it.

plumber -- galvatized pipe to be replaced with copper -- need to pull permits for all three baths, as only two are permitted -- plus gas hookup for at least lower fp (which HAS a 17' firebox, no longer standard for woodburning