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Rukeyser, U.S. 1
Hughes, Montage of a Dream Deferred
all of our lighting got voted in by HPOZ last night

apologies to gwendolyn alley -- got a late start to Ventura and didn't make the reading

from Janet Holmes' blog -- I still owe her comments in some box on her book, finalist for nightboat --

The 10 poems
Laurel and many others are making up their lists of ten poems that (Laurel says) "mean the most" and that David Koehn at Pinup says represent the kind of poems he'd like to write. It's a challenge, because I so resist the "anthology" idea--

hm -- today, all long poems that have taught me a lot

Four Quartets, Eliot
Cantos, Pound
Iovis II, Anne Waldman
Drafts, Rachel Blau Du Plessis
Testimony, Charles Reznikoff
88 Flowers, Louis Zukofsky

and two I haven't read completely

The Bob Hope Poem, Campbell McGrath
The California Poem, Eleni Seikelinos (sp?)


Spoken Word Salon at Zoey’s Café
Catherine Daly and Mary Kay Rummel
with special guests Elijah Imlay and Sophia Kidd

Catherine Daly has published two poetry collections in
2003: Locket, from Tupelo Press, and the trilogy
DaDaDa, from SALT Publishing. She received an MFA
from Columbia University in 1991. An applications
architect for fifteen years, she created systems for
Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, space shuttle orbiter, SONY,
and Universal. She created and taught the first
online poetry workshops at UCLA Extension’s Writers’
Program in addition to critical theory, women’s
studies, and literature courses at UCLA Extension,
Antioch LA, West LA College, LA Southwest College,
etc. and has been teaching on and off since an
undergraduate teacher’s assistantship in the History
of Mathematics.

“Green Journey, Red Bird”, a new collection of Mary
Kay Rummel’s poems (Loonfeather Press), joins “This
Body She’s Entered,” (published by New Rivers Press as
a Minnesota Voices Award winner) and “The Long Road
Into North” (Juniper Press). Her publication credits
include literary journals and anthologies, most
recently ArtLife, Nimrod, Northeast and California
Quarterly. She has performed with musicians, at
colleges, bookstores, and galleries in the US, and in
London and Dublin. As a winner of a Lake Superior
Writers Award, her poems were part of a dance
performance. A professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota, Mary Kay Rummel now lives in Ventura and teaches at CSUCI.

with special guests Sophia Kidd & Elijah Imlay
open mic follows; pass the hat
El Jardin Courtyard 451 E. Main St Ventura
btwn Oak & California;
from LA, get off at California; from SB, take Main
805/652-0091 zoeyscafe.com


The Writing Life Speaker Series
at Ventura College Presents:
April 4: Amy Uyematsu, Shelley Savren and kurt
April 18: Jen Hofer and Jorge Monterrosa
K. Silem Mohammad and Catherine Daly
New genre poets / digital littérateur(e)s
Wednesday, March 23 / Reading at 3:30 PM
Informal discussion on poetics and new media at 11 AM
10th Floor Conference Room, 5057 Woodward Avenue
Wayne State University, Detroit

K. Silem Mohammad is the author of the ground-breaking collections Deer
Head Nation (Tougher Disguises, 2003) and A Thousand Devils (Combo Books,
2004), which combine lyric, conceptual, and new media voices and sources.
His multi-tasking language hits a cultural mainline of absurd politics,
totalizing dissociation, and simulacral affects.

Readers have responded: "K. Silem Mohammad's text, constructed from
screened bites of information ideology, takes the national hysteria
seriously, 'spookily,' and presents us with a total, civilized violence"
(Laura Elrick); "Let loose on the database, these poems pile detritus upon
detritus with every glup glup of another wet deer head across the search
engine" (Stephanie Young). After experiencing his work, you will never see
a deer head the same way: out of the stream of information, a gothic
afterimage. His work is featured in The Best American Poetry 2004, edited
by Lyn Hejinian. He teaches literature and creative writing at Southern
Oregon University.

http://limetree.ksilem.com / {lime tree} http://www.durationpress.com/bookstore/index.htm / Hanging Out with Pablo &

Catherine Daly published DaDaDa, a stellar collection of experimental
lyrics in 2003 (Cambridge, U.K, Salt Press); Locket is forthcoming from
Tupelo Press this year. About DaDaDa there is much to say, for instance:
"Cavernous and electric, DaDaDa unfolds as a hypnotically twisted love tome
investigating the r/elation between language systems and the erotics of
communication. Plotting the truncated lives of letters, as mistresses,
matrices, vessels, vials, viols, vile induces, indices, Catherine Daly’s
passionate tripartite tour de force rages with linguistic virtuosity as a
'cross-stitched sampler' of contemporary culture, 'hot sync simulacra,'
literary heresies" --Adeena Karasick. Poet/critic Aldon Nielsen agrees:
"Seldom is such a commodious pathway opened with a first book. It is, as
the author says, 'Huge toroid / experiments.'" Dadada is planned to be the
first trilogy of a 1,000-page project called Confiteor. Her work is
extensively available online.

She received an MFA from Columbia University in 1991. An applications
architect for fifteen years, she created digital systems for numerous
corporate, state, and media clients. She created and taught the first
online poetry workshops at UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program; has
taught critical theory, women’s studies, and literature courses at UCLA
Extension, Antioch LA, West LA College, LA Southwest College; and has
curated readings at UCLA's Hammer Museum, [The Nite Cafe in New York, several Barnes & Nobles, the smell, etc.]. She lives with her husband in La
Fayette Square in Los Angeles.

http://www.catherinedaly.info / home page http://cadaly.blogspot.com / Catherine Daly's Blog http://www.getunderground.com/underground/poetry/article.cfm?Article_ID=689
/ reading review http://ineradicablestain.com/dollgames/daly.html / interview with Shelley

more interviews:



The reading flyer will be available at

Diasporic Avant-Gardes is curated by Barrett Watten, Carla Harryman, and
Charles Stivale, and sponsored by an Innovative Projects Grant, WSU
Humanities Center. For more info contact Carla Harryman at
c.harryman@wayne.edu / 313-577-4988. Free admission; the public is
cordially invited.
One would think that making one's own brass stair rods would be far cheaper than purchasing them, but the least expensive 1/2 brass pipe I found was $5.85, and the least expensive brackets, $3.40 each (or $7 a pair), while the least expensive "sets" of finials, brackets, and pipe per stair were $10.80.

Now, of course, they do have groovy ones on eBay from England...
became, on the HPOZ schedule:


Will Alexander
reading from Exobiology as Goddess (Manifest Press)

Eleni Sikelianos
reading from The Book of Jon (nonfiction/hybrid, City Lights) and
The California Poem (Coffee House Press)

Diane Ward
reading from new work

Friday, March 18 at 7:30
Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291, (310) 822-3006