all of our lighting got voted in by HPOZ last night

apologies to gwendolyn alley -- got a late start to Ventura and didn't make the reading

from Janet Holmes' blog -- I still owe her comments in some box on her book, finalist for nightboat --

The 10 poems
Laurel and many others are making up their lists of ten poems that (Laurel says) "mean the most" and that David Koehn at Pinup says represent the kind of poems he'd like to write. It's a challenge, because I so resist the "anthology" idea--

hm -- today, all long poems that have taught me a lot

Four Quartets, Eliot
Cantos, Pound
Iovis II, Anne Waldman
Drafts, Rachel Blau Du Plessis
Testimony, Charles Reznikoff
88 Flowers, Louis Zukofsky

and two I haven't read completely

The Bob Hope Poem, Campbell McGrath
The California Poem, Eleni Seikelinos (sp?)


Wil said…
"The Bob Hope Poem" is one of my favorite McGraths. Unemulatable, although I keep trying. I find myself blogging about McGrath often - - it's always nice to learn of another fan! - Wil
Anonymous said…
What a great resource, I was searching for lighting and ran into your blog. My prayers were answered and I found the perfect lighting project.

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