Wednesday, June 16, B100msday, 8 pm

“Book Launch* for Ara Shirinyan’s Make Now Press’ & Ian Monk’s beautiful new book FAMILY ARCHAEOLOGY AND OTHER POEMS
[Ara co-curates a reading series at the smell bring Continuous Peasant et al to LA the last Sunday in June!]

The Mountain Bar, LA Chinatown
Mountain Bar
473 Gin Ling Way (Between Hill & Broadway)
Los Angeles
(213) 625-7500

Thursday, June 17, 7:30 pm

Ian Monk
Family Archaeology and Other Poems

Dawson's Book Shop is pleased to welcome author Ian Monk for a special reading from his new book Family Archaeology and Other Poems, published by Make Now Press. Monk is a member of the Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle, (OULIPO), a group, based in France, devoted to the exploring the possibilities of restrictive writing methods; all the poems in Monk's book have been generated from a challenging formal constraint.

"Once upon a time there was a potential literature; now, thankfully, it's been realized. Ian Monk's concrete language hits you like a ton of bricks. As visual as it is verbal, Monk's quantification of the contemporary churns the mundane into the exotic," - Kenneth Goldsmith

Joseph Thomas of CSUN (who read wonderfully at B&N Glendale a few weeks ago!) and Kenneth Goldsmith (aka Kenny G) will also read.
RSVP/info: 323.469.2186

Dawson's Book Shop is located at 535 N. Larchmont Boulevard, between Melrose and Beverly (north of the Village), in the Hollywood/Hancock Park area. Thomas Guide 593, F-7.

(323) 469-2186, FAX (323) 469-9553
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18 June, Friday - 7:30 PM Contemporary Works & More: JAAP BLONK, KENNETH GOLDSMITH, JOSHUA CLOVER, JERRY ROTHENBERG, CHARLES MORROW, and STEPHANIE TAYLOR Selected artists of the Beyond Text festival will present new and recent works and interpretations.


Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd.
Venice Phone: 310-822-3006
a wild bloomsday thus far; began as it was supposed to at 5:45 am, but instead of with alarm clock, with call from Ron's Mom's security company -- after some asleep phone calls on my part & Ron's, established that, and that the alarm had gone off accidentally

then on highway, saw a yellow school bus pulled to the shoulder with tons of smoke billowing out -- and the kids inside -- called Ron who called the fire department (after some debate -- surely someone else had called?), and they apparently dispatched someone

THEN a few miles later, ay WAS blocked by CHP and trucks -- two cars on median, looked like a bad wreck

all this and no sigalert!

here at work, things are spontaneously disappearing from my pc, like the .pdf converter I need --

nausicaa indeed

I just learned that the department I'm seated near is the Deficiency Department


Wikipedia needs a cow punk entry; this is one I started before I realized there's NO WAY I have time to write this!

Cow punk differs from psychobilly, however, in that it is more directly associated with guitar-heavy proto-roots rock / heavy metal (Vanilla Fudge, ____, and ____) than psychobilly is, and not associated with goth. Cow punk is thus perhaps more separate from Country Music proper than psychobilly.

Rank n'File and other Frontier recording artists ___, ___, and ___ are classic cow punk bands, but at the peak of cow punk's popularity in the early 1980's, many American punk bands experimented with the genre. Exene Cervenka and John Doe of X formed The Knitters; The Minutemen recorded cover versions of Creedence Clearwater Revival songs, and Mission of Burma released "All World cowboy Romance"

More mainstream even than the big American punk bands were bands such as Guadalcanal Diary, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and novelty-song writers The Beat Farmers. Nevertheless, there remainded a difference -- often in musicianship and influence, between cow punk and more mainstream pop bands such as The Alarm, who were haircut / costume 80s bands with a western theme rather than punk rock bands with slide n' twang.

Some Southern California bands crossing Mexican – American country music, Punk