a wild bloomsday thus far; began as it was supposed to at 5:45 am, but instead of with alarm clock, with call from Ron's Mom's security company -- after some asleep phone calls on my part & Ron's, established that, and that the alarm had gone off accidentally

then on highway, saw a yellow school bus pulled to the shoulder with tons of smoke billowing out -- and the kids inside -- called Ron who called the fire department (after some debate -- surely someone else had called?), and they apparently dispatched someone

THEN a few miles later, ay WAS blocked by CHP and trucks -- two cars on median, looked like a bad wreck

all this and no sigalert!

here at work, things are spontaneously disappearing from my pc, like the .pdf converter I need --

nausicaa indeed

I just learned that the department I'm seated near is the Deficiency Department


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