blogging now from sundance on blackhouse.org's dime -- what a great group -- will continue to comment on still digital images / portraits / celebrity, and many other topics presented today once I get consistent access Monday -- also GREAT VID GAME / FILM panel at noon, hp and adobe doing great sponsor jobs

a whole consideration about alternative venues / fests (slamdance), non-sponsor corporate presensences, and whatnot


horace's ars poetica

which I can only think of in Robert Desmarais' voice, a hoarse combo of "horrors" and "whores"


if ever it is time to translate modernism into a contemporary idiom

into “something to read in normal circumstances”

wow YES Bob Perleman, exactly how (we?) read with the aethetics of modernism, which weren't "catching" -- which are a style (among others)


senor coconut covers kraftwerk -- surely the paper craft theme album
continuing to think about wittgenstein, objectivism, whatnot, for the Singularity poem

Peano defined logically all of the terms of these axioms with the exception of 0, number, successor, and the singular term, the.

Russell worked on these, as did Frege

the new book (a successor) uses two devices related to the device in the first book, one continually disintegrating into false binaries, the other a cloud (not a cross) of *not* etymologically related words, starts at singularity, ends in series

theory of types?