30 June, Friday - 7:30 PM
Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA

Come celebrate the spirit of post moot, including but not limited to all forms of experimental poetic work that are both live and exist as objects. TOM ORANGE has co-curated the in your ear reading series at the District of Columbia Arts Center and edited the dcpoetry.com website and anthologies since Fall 2000 . CATHERINE DALY is author of DaDaDa, Locket, Secret Kitty, and To Delite and Instruct . MARK WALLACE is author of a number of books of poems, most recently Temporary Worker Rides A Subway . K. LORRAINE GRAHAM is author of two chapbooks, Dear (Blank) I Believe in Other Worlds (Phylum) and Terminal Humming (Slack Buddha).


Gatsby Reading Series
A Showcase for Emerging/Established Poets and Writers (Includes Open Mic)

The Daisy Standard
Hosted by Rafael F. J. Alvarado, Amélie Frank & Marie Lecrivain

Dutton’s Beverly Hills
447 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
For info (323) 666-2421
Open reading sign up at 6:00 pm; reading starts at 6:30 pm

Saturday, July 1st
Featuring: Sarah Maclay, Michael C. Ford, John Harris & Holaday Mason

Saturday, August 12th
Featuring: Rachel Kann, Tess Lotta, Douglas Richardson & Teresa Willis

Saturday, September 16th
Featuring: James Andrews, Laurel Ann Bogen, Doug Knott, Pam Ward & Charles Harper Webb

Saturday, October 14th
Featuring: Carlye Archibeque , Dennis Cruz, Rich Ferguson, Claudia Handler & Mariano Zaro

Saturday, November 18th
Featuring: Harry Northup & Holly Prado

Saturday, January 13th, 2007
Featuring: Richard Beban, Eric Brown, Larry Colker & Elizabeth Iannaci

Saturday,Febuary 17th, 2007
Featuring: Philomene Long, Phoebe MacAdams, Brenda Petrakos

Rafael F. J. Alvarado presents
Cardoza's Palabras

Antigua Cultural Coffee House
4836 Huntington Drive South, Los Angeles, CA 90032

For info (323) 666-2421
For directions (323) 936-9422
Open reading sign up 3:30 pm
Reading starts at 4:00 pm
Sunday, July 9th
Featuring: Steve Abee, Jack Brewer, Joe Brewer, Dennis Cruz & Mariano Zaro

Sunday, August 20th
Featuring: Larry Colker Christian Elder, Amélie Frank & Rachel Kann Doug Knott

Sunday, September 17th
Featuring: Sonara Bartel, Marie Lecrivain, Tess Lotta & Carmen Vega

Sunday, October 15th
Featuring: Eric Brown, Brendan Constantine, Danielle Grilli & Pam Ward

Sunday, November 12th
Featuring: Michael C. Ford, Yvonne de la Vega & Ruben Guevara

Sunday, November 19th
Featuring: Carlye Archibeque, Jerry Garcia, Brenda Petrakos & Raindog

Sunday, December 3
Erica Erdman

Sunday, January 14
Featuring: Theresa Antonia,Keith Niles, Peggy Dobreer