Reznikoff in the public domain (should scan and upload)

Rhythms (New York: Charles Reznikoff, 1918)

Rhythms II (New York: Charles Reznikoff, 1919)

Poems (New York: S. Roth at the New York Poetry Book Shop, 1920)

Uriel Accosta: A Play & A Fourth Group of Verse (New York: Cooper Press, 1921)
add insult to injury

Injury Sunlit
Jinni Truly Us
Instil Jury Nu
Jilt Inn Usury
Jinn Lit Usury
Injury Lint Us
Injury List Nu
Injury Slit Nu
Injury Silt Nu
Injury Lit Nus
Injury Lit Sun
Injury In Slut
Injury In Lust
Nil Units Jury
Nils Unit Jury
Insult In Jury
Sunlit In Jury
Until Ins Jury
Until Sin Jury
Unlit Ins Jury
Unlit Sin Jury
In Ruin Justly
I Jilt Runny Us
I Jinn Truly Us
I Nil Jury Nuts
I Nil Jury Tuns
I Nil Jury Stun
I Nils Jury Nut
I Nils Jury Tun
I Lints Jury Nu
I Lint Jury Nus
I Lint Jury Sun
I List Jury Nun
I Slit Jury Nun
I Silt Jury Nun
I Lit Jury Nuns
I In Justly Run
I In Justly Urn
I Inn Jury Slut
I Inn Jury Lust
I Inn Jut Surly
Jilt Yin Run Us
Jilt Yin Urn Us
Nil Tin Jury Us
Nil Nit Jury Us
Nil Is Jury Nut
Nil Is Jury Tun
Nil Sit Jury Nu
Nil Tis Jury Nu
Nil Its Jury Nu
Nil Ti Jury Nus
Nil Ti Jury Sun
Nil It Jury Nus
Nil It Jury Sun
Nils Ti Jury Nu
Nils It Jury Nu
Lint In Jury Us
Lint Is Jury Nu
List In Jury Nu
Slit In Jury Nu
Silt In Jury Nu
Lit In Jury Nus
Lit In Jury Sun
Lit Inn Jury Us
Lit Ins Jury Nu
Lit Sin Jury Nu
Lit Is Jury Nun
In Ruin Jut Sly
In Yin Jut Slur
I In Jut Sly Run
I In Jut Sly Urn

I think I would make these somehow more gooey and then roll them in big coconut

3 cups desiccated coconut
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons ground brazil nuts
4 large egg whites
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup honey

whip egg whites

combine other ingredients
fold into egg whites

drop onto parchment
bake at 325 degrees




1 C chestnut flour (stone milled or extra fine)
1/2 C amaranth flour
1/2 C arrowroot
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 C warm water
3 tbsp canola oil
2 tbsp maple syrup or honey
2 tbsp lemon juice
romeo and juliet

how to chace a wild goose

Remember the goose is more afraid of you that you are of being bitten. Therefore, use your bod to steer the goose where you will.

Close all appropriate openings to make sure the goose can't go farther into the situation.

Get a broom or other long item to chase the goose.

Stand in a place where if the goose runs away, you can trap it.

Slowly move in, watching the goose, to make sure it responds in the correct direction to your movements. Use the broom's simple presence as additional 'motivation.' Remember, the goose doesn't necessarily know what you or the broom are, so it's simply afraid.
cliches from poems

absence makes the heart grow fonder

[add fuel to the fire]

afraid of one's shadow (Shakes)

against the grain (Shakes)

albatross around one's neck

all ears

all hell breaks loose

a poor thing but my own (Shakes)

as luck would have it (Shakes)

one fell swoop (shakes)

ok, discontinuing Shakespeare

wit's end

at the crossroads

babe in the woods

bane of existence

beat one's brains out (verse play)

****beauty is only skin deep****

bee in one's bonnet

beg borrow or steal

bellow like a bull

bell the cat

best-laid schemes (belated robert burns' day)

be that as it may

better half
reading catherine the great's memoirs, selected letters, blurbed by author of stalin and young stalin!!! (and poetmkin, that's why the blurb) simon sebag montifiore

this is for third trilogy in confiteor
didn't find one book about early modern women artists and makeup

bought some serge lutens makeup

packaging copy (English only; available in 10 languages)

Guess the product?

Beauty essential, delicate touches. Invisible dream, radiant, splendid, sublime.

Ha! All of them.

Here is another non-makeup Serge Lutens product packaging copy:

_____ is a stimulant of the senses, a tonic for the spirit. _____ is impalpable, a substance, a concentration, a contour.

It is our own shadow.

It is a luxurious mirage, our transparency, a majestic choreography, a kind of inner palace, an architecture of exquisite crystal.


Dear Friend of the Redondo Poets:

2009 is already a historically sublime and dismal year. We won't be making the history books (unless Jim Doane is picked to emcee Obama's second inauguration...imagine it), but we promise memorable poetry from our February features:

February 3 Jawanza Dumisani
February 10 Carine Topal
February 17 Romus Simpson
February 24 Tim Green

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February 18, Wednesday, 8:00 pm - The Ugly Mug, Orange

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