received a free issue of SMITHSONIAN

in the Sept 1970 summary, saw this quite from Richard Bach -- author of Johnathan Livingston Seagull, a lame book, perhaps frequently assigned to students about to matriculate to college (not to me) -- he claims to be ageless and also, his new book, "Open it anywhere and on that page is what you most need to know"

“open it anywhere – and on that page

(not anywhere – to any page)

is what you most need to know

want / intend? to know versus to seek out?


can find?

obviously a version of the surrealist... college band name picking... become "profound" anyway

where bad formalism meets bad langiage-oriented constraint--
insulating the attic -- easy
patching holes in exterior stucco left when gutters ripped off this weekend
fat free, low sugar, non-dairy, decaf mocha

1/2 cup Torani sugar free syrup with Splenda, chocolate flavor
4 Tbs cocoa
8 Tbs non-dairy fat free powdered creamer (this contains corn syrup)
4 cups decaf


it's more milky if you use the liquid fat free non dairy creamer, but has more sugar
it's not as milky if you use the vanilla flavored rice milk