Full Conference Schedule Now Available at www.officialworldprideandpower.com


The inaugural World Pride & Power Conference hosted by the World Pride & Power Organization held in the theme of "Unity, Empowerment & Inclusivity," will convene Thursday, February 21-February 24, 2008 in Los Angeles, California at the Olympic Collection Conference Center (http://www.ocbanquet.com/).

The World Pride & Power Conference will feature a host of world class writers including Pulitzer nominee, Paula Gunn Allen, who is the author of 27 books. Also speaking are Dr. Malidoma Some', New York Times best-selling author of,
Of Water & Spirit; Stanley Bennett Clay, In Search of Pretty Black Men & Looker, Azaan Kamau, author of the poetry collection In the Midst of My Blackness; Ayin Adams-Walk Through My Garden, Imani Tolliver-Pink & My Man Poems, Staci Haines, Author-Sex: The Survivor and many, many others! Poets D'Lo and Skim to perform at the opening ceremonies Thursday and Friday evening!!!

Saturday, February 23rd at 9pm, World Pride Conference will host the, "Conversations in Tongue & Spirit: The Ultimate Erotic Concert," featuring top poets and writers bringing their best spoken word, political prose and slam poetry. $10 for non-registrants of the conference.
Please join Skylight Books and Les Figues Press

for a reading with University of Georgia poets

Cecily Parks
Jennifer Chang

Celebrating their new books, Field Folly Snow (Parks) and The History of Anonymity (Chang)

Saturday, March 1, 2008
5:00 p.m.

Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont, Los Angeles
Monday February 25th, Peggy Shumaker and Anne Carson are reading at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood at 7:30 pm followed by a conversation moderated by Elena Karina Byrne.

David McGimpsey, author of Sitcom, visits L.A. -- well, Santa Monica,
actually -- for an event at the Mudpuppy Reading Series. The featured
reading by the celebrated poet is followed by an open mic.

The Mudpuppy Reading Series
featuring David McGimpsey
Friday, February 22, 2008
The Rapp Saloon, Hostelling International Bldg.
1436 2nd St.
Santa Monica, CA
8:00 p.m.

‘McGimpsey displays erudition, clever insights and a knack for the
wickedly funny wisecrack.’ – The Washington Post

‘[McGimpsey] finds the humanity hiding in the hilarity. This guy is
as funny as David Sedaris, and more inventive.’ – The Ottawa Citizen

'It's poetry that should not work, but does, brilliantly. McGimpsey's
voice is so original and subversive that he is practically re-casting
the poetry mold, pushing the boundaries of literary acceptability,
and doing so without a hint of pretentiousness.' – Montreal Gazette

The "driest desert
> in the world" performed and written by the Iquiqueño Chicano
> Poet Adrián Arancibia
> Iquique-born Chicano
> Poet Adrián Arancibia releases book about the Atacama Desert, its
> mines, and the people that populate the region in a penetrating
> eulogy
> Atacama Poems Book Release and Reading by Adrian Arancibia with writer
> and poet Adolfo Guzman Lopez and music by
> Nicolás Carvajal and Tom Ferguson
> February 23
> 8:30PM $8/door
> PLACE: Tropico de Nopal
> Gallery - Art
> Space
> 1665 Beverly Blvd.
> Los Angeles (Echo Park), CA 90026
> 213.481.8112
> www.tropicodenopal.com
> California - January 24, 2008 - Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space
> is proud to present the Atacama Poems book release featuring a reading
> by Adrián Arancibia. Arancibia will be accompanied by the
> music of Nicolás Carvajal and Tom Ferguson, with a special
> opening participation by Los Angeles writer Adolfo Guzmán
> López.
> Atacama Poems
> (published by City Works Press, Oct. 2007) is the first collection of
> poetry written by renowned Southern California writer, Adrian
> Arancibia. Atacama Poems focuses on the lives of a family
> torn between the oppression of slave labor in an American mine and the
> hopes they hold for their children. While providing readers a
> description of the driest desert in the world and the exploitation,
> poverty and loneliness that occur there, the work describes the
> miners' lives and their spirit of survival.
> Atacama Poems has been
> already called "a family odyssey: a diaspora in between deserts"
> by esteemed literary critic Jaime Concha, and described as
> "Penetrative, nuanced, image-driven...this prose poem records the
> struggle, pain, and joy of pampinos-the inhabitants of the Atacama
> desert region (in Chile)" by literary critic Marta
> Sánchez.
> Adrián Arancibia is a
> poet, writer, and educator born in Iquique, Chile in 1971, and a
> resident of San Diego, California since 1980. He co-founded the
> seminal Chicano spoken-word collective the Taco Shop Poets in 1994
> along with Adolfo Guzmán-López and Miguel-Ángel Soria, and
> co-edited the Taco Shop Poets Anthology: Chorizo Tonguefire. Arancibia
> currently writes for local newspapers such as the San Diego Union
> Tribune and various national magazines.
> The evening will open
> with accomplished poet Adolfo Guzman-Lopez known also for his
> co-production with Tropico de Nopal of the poetic road trip Spine of
> Califas. He began his journalism career writing about the arts
> for, among others, Tijuana's La Tarde newspaper, the San Diego
> Union-Tribune, and the Chicago Tribune. He later served as senior
> producer of These Days, KPBS-FM's daily talk show in San Diego.
> Guzman-Lopez' poetry has been published in various journals and in
> Geography of Rage: Remembering the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.
> Presently he is also a radio reporter on
> KPCC 89.3 FM.
> Arancibia will be
> accompanied by the music of Nicolás Carvajal (guitarist,
> drummer, singer, songwriter) and
> Tom Ferguson (bass). Books and c.d.s will also be
> available for sale.
> Tropico de Nopal
> Gallery-Art Space is an independent gallery dedicated to exhibiting
> and promoting contemporary emerging and mid-career artists through
> cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary art forms.


fresh cut from POETICS, Michael Heller

I say that­in keeping with the analysis so many
others have made­that the “multicultural” IS an
“illusion,” an illusion because what looks like
polyvocality says the same thing over and
over. This is not just my idea, but that of so
many of the best commentators on Pound. Again,
you take a point that I consider to be worth
speculating about and turn it into something hard
and fast. I say a question is begged as to
“whether Poundian techniques, in particular the
cultural plundering, revising and activity of
selection induced by the search for history’s
repeats, the absence of a clearly defined
authorial voice, tend to undermine fascist
tendencies or aid in furthering them.”
It’s a question--