The "driest desert
> in the world" performed and written by the Iquiqueño Chicano
> Poet Adrián Arancibia
> Iquique-born Chicano
> Poet Adrián Arancibia releases book about the Atacama Desert, its
> mines, and the people that populate the region in a penetrating
> eulogy
> Atacama Poems Book Release and Reading by Adrian Arancibia with writer
> and poet Adolfo Guzman Lopez and music by
> Nicolás Carvajal and Tom Ferguson
> February 23
> 8:30PM $8/door
> PLACE: Tropico de Nopal
> Gallery - Art
> Space
> 1665 Beverly Blvd.
> Los Angeles (Echo Park), CA 90026
> 213.481.8112
> California - January 24, 2008 - Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space
> is proud to present the Atacama Poems book release featuring a reading
> by Adrián Arancibia. Arancibia will be accompanied by the
> music of Nicolás Carvajal and Tom Ferguson, with a special
> opening participation by Los Angeles writer Adolfo Guzmán
> López.
> Atacama Poems
> (published by City Works Press, Oct. 2007) is the first collection of
> poetry written by renowned Southern California writer, Adrian
> Arancibia. Atacama Poems focuses on the lives of a family
> torn between the oppression of slave labor in an American mine and the
> hopes they hold for their children. While providing readers a
> description of the driest desert in the world and the exploitation,
> poverty and loneliness that occur there, the work describes the
> miners' lives and their spirit of survival.
> Atacama Poems has been
> already called "a family odyssey: a diaspora in between deserts"
> by esteemed literary critic Jaime Concha, and described as
> "Penetrative, nuanced, image-driven...this prose poem records the
> struggle, pain, and joy of pampinos-the inhabitants of the Atacama
> desert region (in Chile)" by literary critic Marta
> Sánchez.
> Adrián Arancibia is a
> poet, writer, and educator born in Iquique, Chile in 1971, and a
> resident of San Diego, California since 1980. He co-founded the
> seminal Chicano spoken-word collective the Taco Shop Poets in 1994
> along with Adolfo Guzmán-López and Miguel-Ángel Soria, and
> co-edited the Taco Shop Poets Anthology: Chorizo Tonguefire. Arancibia
> currently writes for local newspapers such as the San Diego Union
> Tribune and various national magazines.
> The evening will open
> with accomplished poet Adolfo Guzman-Lopez known also for his
> co-production with Tropico de Nopal of the poetic road trip Spine of
> Califas. He began his journalism career writing about the arts
> for, among others, Tijuana's La Tarde newspaper, the San Diego
> Union-Tribune, and the Chicago Tribune. He later served as senior
> producer of These Days, KPBS-FM's daily talk show in San Diego.
> Guzman-Lopez' poetry has been published in various journals and in
> Geography of Rage: Remembering the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.
> Presently he is also a radio reporter on
> KPCC 89.3 FM.
> Arancibia will be
> accompanied by the music of Nicolás Carvajal (guitarist,
> drummer, singer, songwriter) and
> Tom Ferguson (bass). Books and c.d.s will also be
> available for sale.
> Tropico de Nopal
> Gallery-Art Space is an independent gallery dedicated to exhibiting
> and promoting contemporary emerging and mid-career artists through
> cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary art forms.


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