this is a vauxhall - like concrete / found poem special for the reading at new college

I think I will print it out so that it appears properly and &c.; I don't know where the ekerd wine aisle painting is, but that would be great to that -- you know, first of an undone series


cherry sours vanilla caramels caramel creams atomic fireballs gummi worms pixy stix gummy dinosaurs spice drops gummi bears

gumballs juju coins sweetarts candy corn root beer barrels nordic fish chick-o-stick tootsie roll midges gummi sharks

cinnamon imperials fruit slices vanilla caramels jelly beans assorted starlights orange slices licorice twists red twists

kids play dum dum pops dubble bubble blow pops peppermint twists cherry slices butterscotch discs sour neon worms starlight mints


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