The Festival of Books will be held on the UCLA campus.
Parking on the UCLA campus is $8.
Poetry Stage-------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday April 26, 2008

10:00 AM
Mark Doty
Author, “Fire to Fire”

10:30 AM
Sholeh Wolpe
Author, “Rooftops of Tehran”

11:00 AM
Eloise Klein Healy & Elizabeth Bradfield
Authors, “The Islands Project: Poems for Sappho” & “Interpretive Work: Poems”

11:30 AM
Albert Goldbarth
Author, “The Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems, 1972-2007”

12:00 PM
Brian Tracy & Musicians Andy & Rene
Author, “Driving with Dante”

12:30 PM
David St. John
Author, “The Face: A Novella in Verse”

1:00 PM
Jean Valentine
Author, “Little Boat”

1:30 PM
Marvin Bell
Author, “Mars Being Red”

2:00 PM
Christopher Buckley
Author, “Modern History”

2:30 PM
Sarah Maclay and Charles Hood
Authors, “The White Bride” and “Rio de Dios”

3:00 PM
Susan McCabe
Author, "Descartes' Nightmare"
“Cinematic Modernism: Modernist Poetry and Film”

3:30 PM
Lynne Thompson and Jeffery Levine
Authors, “Beg No Pardon” and “Rumor of Cortez”

4:00 PM
Jennifer Kwan Dobbs
Author, “Paper Pavilion”

4:30 PM
Tony Barnstone
Author, “The Golem of Los Angeles”

5:00 PM
Catherine Daly and Stuart Dischell
Authors, “Locket” and “Backwards Days”


10:00 AM
Elena Byrne and Marty Williams
Authors, “Masque” and “Other Medicine”

10:30 AM
Robert Pinsky
Author, “Gulf Music: Poems”

11:00 AM
Maurya Simon
Author, “Cartographies”

11:30 AM
Al Young
Author, “Something About the Blues”

12:00 PM
Elaine Equi
Author, “Ripple Effect: New and Selected Poems”

12:30 PM
Jill Bialosky and Dana Goodyear
Authors, “The End of Desire” and “Honey and Junk”

1:00 PM
James Ragan
Author, “In the Talking Hours”

1:30 PM
Adam Kirsch
Author, “Invasions: New Poems”

2:00 PM
Stanley Plumly
Author, “Old Heart: Poems”

2:30 PM
Carol Muske-Dukes and Sam Pereira
Authors, “Sparrow” and “A CafĂ© in Boca”

3:00 PM
Chris Abani
Author, “Hands Washing Water”

3:30 PM
Wanda Coleman and Diane Ward
Authors, “Mercurochrome” and “When You Awake”

4:00 PM
Luis J. Rodriguez
Author, “My Nature is Hunger”


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