Emerson --

makes me winder whatover happened to all that utopia research I did

course have that ms., DYSTOPIA, but -- no really, I was doing a bunch of utopia research at one point. hmmmm. I think it might have gotten shuffled during the move from "the park they call la brea" yeah, TAR PARK, what a great marketing slogan

convers francis says sir walter scott is as much of a man as coleridge

all this reading about spirit and phenomenon has got me thinking of my hello kitty poem, which needs more of the noumenal in it, "Hello Phantasm / She Has No Mouth." For real.

Anyway, I started writing it using a Hello Kitty coloring / games book called Use Your Imagination. It was my way of thinking out how I am not writing flarf or googlism -- I think I tried once, sent it to Gary Sullivan or Michael Magee (sp?) oh dear and when you google combo poetry you get "How to order Poetry with a Porpoise"

"glism" good word chunk

anyhow, I like Chris Piuma's Saskatchewan

still haven't punched a hole in my Hawai'i poem
or my australia poem for that matter, which I think will rotate counterclockwise

flarf -- the marshmallow fluff of poetry. the fluffernutter sandwich. the peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

hello phantasm went really well for the first page -- it was written with the internet searched thru google (I used altavista before I met Andrew Maxwell. Thereafter, I used google)

for example, Phantasm was in a garden, and was a flower and a gardener. I wanted to put in some stuff about girls as flowers (which I also think a lot about for the girls, girls, girls rainbow poems and for the florilegium project I have the notes somewhere)

so I looked up mary, mary quite contrary, since I'd forgotten it -- well I thought I had, but I hadn't --

did a lot of research into clap songs and jump songs in college and grad school; my thesis was called "Engine No. 9" and I suppose Locket could be called "Love Potion No. 9" as it has some of the thesis poems in it

anyway, and then this got twisted around and went into the poem

this is different from what I have been doing, since it was to be for the whole poem, and I generally just free associate and look things up once in a while or I have an internet source, say, outsider math, and go from there --

when I am writing a certain type of poem I use desktop software especially if I don't have internet access


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