ah yes, information -- from my notes on what I'm going to say in a few hours, ine thing is that information -- and I include all of literature in that, and, say, not only all code or math but also what's done with it -- it is a loose concept of information, not a tight one -- is serving me as communication did -- even with the dead (there's that seance idea) -- you know, all those letters I used to write

the general idea is that the relationship between a writer and/or artist, specifically a poet, but it could be any, and the world and the world interpreted / in language is now, at least for IS, IT, MIS people (hi Andre) and writers and artists, is in making information and the means to control / access it

but while there is a ghost of "planet on the table" about this, a ghost of [something -- my isn't the development of the disk of coffee and a four cup coffee maker in hotel rooms a big plus?] -- uh, a ghost of mere phenomenology? -- there is a tension to exploit beyond "coming to terms" and "drama" --


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