Dear Catherine,
My name is Thomas Melvin and I'm a lottery winner from Boston. When I hit the megabucks I was approached by many people wanting to do my story. I got married ten days after I received my high school diploma and had a daughter one month after that. Then hit the jackpot for $3.2 million on my daughters 3rd month birthday. My wife Mary K. comes from an Irish family of fifteen kids (ten brothers) who have been in the paper for that fact alone. Try to imagine the drama in this plot.
The story is amazing and should be an easy one to put on paper. I've had offers to write it through the years but I declined. I've been waiting for my son to turn 16 so he could play the role. His appearance is perfect for the camera.
There's so much content and the ending writes itself. Let me know if you would like to take a closer look.
Thomas Melvin


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